What should you buy in the month of March?

Welcome to the month of March. With the winter winding down, and spring heading our way, what should you buy in the month of March?

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Great list of items and experiences to buy in the month of March


Yup, Valentine’s Day is over. No, the highest end stuff never goes on sale. However, there’s going to be a lot of prices dropping at your local retailers, and perhaps some local jewelry shops, now that the biggest jewelry buying holiday of the year has come, and gone. Didn’t get a gorgeous Valentine’s Day jewel? So what!  Score a great deal for a “just because” gift! Plan ahead, and get something great for Mother’s Day.

High end chocolate

It’s GODIVA time, my friends. Once again, Valentine’s Day is over, but they can’t keep the left over treats for next year, so everything’s got to go! It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life, and it doesn’t get any better than quality chocolate…..or does it? Even the Valentine’s Day themed Hershey’s and Nestle’s chocolate goodies are all on the BIG DISCOUNT shelves! Stock up if you’re a choc-a-holic!

Frozen Food

It’s National Frozen Foods month. I bet you had no idea this even existed…….most people don’t. It’s just a marketing ploy. But hey, this month they’ll have a ton of sales on frozen foods. We buy a lot of veggies and fruits in frozen form. It’s our month to stock up! Lots of coupons will be out, and sales will be had!

March Madness

It’s March. If you’re a college hoops lover, you know what that means……March Madness. I’ve already started getting local pizza places sending me coupons for large pizza’s at $8.99, and all kinds of other treats, during March Madness! There’s going to be a ton of food coupons, and deals, happening this month. The whole month. It’s all about having a great time, while watching your favorite teams go through the bracket! Get in on stocking up for all your upcoming parties! Soda, chips, and more.


It’s ironic, because in our family, we wear shades all year round in this house. Well, not IN the house, but all of us that live in our house. You know what I mean! As for the sunglasses industry, it has an actual “design season.” All the new styles will be coming out within the next month, normally April. If you’re not one to need the latest trends in shades, head out now, and get some new sunglasses for the year. I just scored a pair for myself, normally $50, I got them for $12.99. It pays to buy off-season!


I have to be honest, I’m not super sure why boats are all the rage right now. It might be because NORMAL people won’t think about buying a boat until it warms up a bit, like in May. When people aren’t thinking about buying, these places need to unload their stock, and make sales. Go get yours if you want one!

Gas Grills

Again, most people don’t start thinking about BBQs until Memorial Day weekend. Though sales will be out during that time, right now is actually the best time to get the best prices on BBQs. People aren’t thinking about them during March, but the stores still want them out of their stores. New shipments will start to arrive with brand new grills for their huge Memorial Day weekend sales. Now’s the time to negotiate with your local stores, get the best prices for what they have in stock right now.

HOWEVER, I do warn you, the past few years, there’s been CRAZY sales that happen around Memorial Day weekend……and right after 4th of July. Take your chances, but if you need a new one THIS SEASON, before those holidays….March is the month to dive into a BBQ Gas Grill purchase! Holding out until right before Memorial Day, not sure if that’s a great “stress” creator for your holiday BBQ.

Golf Clubs

Once again……no one is buying golf clubs right now. It’s your chance to haggle pricing, get the best deal on the clubs you love. Once the first sign of Spring hits, all the Golfers will be heading out for new stuff. Go when it’s super cold out, and the sales people are itching to make a sale!


Believe it or not, luggage design has a season as well.  Strange, but true. All the new styles will start to emerge, just in time for people to stock up before they take their summer vacations. Now’s the time to get the bigger discounts on the luggage in your local stores, and to work with a sales person on bringing those prices down. The store wants the old stuff out, so make your move!

Winter Apparel

Right now all the stores want to bring in the Spring, so all the winter clothing, jackets, hats, and gloves will be DRASTICALLY reduced. Personally, I got new gloves for myself, the ones you can wear while texting. They have the metal stuff in the pointer and thumb fingers. Normally those are very expensive, I got two pairs and they were about $2 each.

Lift Tickets

Ski season is really over by now, at least normally it is. New York is experiencing some crazy winter weather still. During a normal year, the snow’s gone by now, and it’s time to think about all the Summer activities. There aren’t too many thinking about lift tickets, and……….

Skis, Snowboards, and skates

Every year ski season has to end, and all the winter sports cease for a good chunk of the year. Well, now’s when you want to load up on your skis, snowboards, and skates. Winter’s over…..and no one will be thinking about this stuff for MONTHS. However, the snow season is still fresh in the minds of consumers, so the big sales start taking place. Not old enough for all the fun stuff? Get those silly tubes, or sleds. Now’s the time to buy, since all the winter stuff is deeply discounted.

Caribbean Cruises

Every year, it’s normally booking season SUPREME during January through March. I don’t know if it’s just people are sick of the snow, and want to book their Spring Break vacations, and Summer vacations. Who knows. However, March is the best time of the year to find bargains for cruises.

If you can travel in April, March is THE MONTH to book a cruise. Prices drop big time. It’s kind of the month between the winter cruising season, and the summer cruising season. So get busy!! Side Note: Something to keep in mind, if you book a cruise and bring along all your goodies, including the iPad! Don’t think if




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