What should you buy in the month of May?


May signals Wedding Season, am I right? For me, and most moms, May is centered around Mother’s Day. Many of us are also planning for Memorial Day weekend, and perhaps shopping for some college graduates making the big plunge into a true adulthood!

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What should you buy in the month of May?

What should you buy in the month of May that will save you money, but you actually need? I’m not sure, but here’s what’s going to provide the best deals for the year:

Cookware, Dishes, Small Appliances

Listen, if you purchased these items back in April, good for you. The sales really do dip pretty low in April, and now, with a lot of stores, if you purchased them late enough in April, you might be able to price match the items. If not, return them and go and buy them cheaper IF you can find the same exact item cheaper. The trick to April’s purchase is there’s a larger selection, because not many are thinking ahead for graduates, or weddings. However, the prices are dipping in April, and MIGHT dip further this month of May.


Check out your local “re-store” type of places. The stores carry used appliances, windows, and other items people remove from their homes. Since items are in good condition, they donate to a local “re-store” in their community. Some people might even put used appliances in newspaper ads. People are in the process of Spring Cleaning, and they want to buy new appliances. Fridges are a big one to hit the bricks!


Memorial Day weekend I always see huge mattress sales. If you get a high quality mattress, don’t worry about the box spring. Just get the mattress, it’ll save you money. The mattresses will be on sale, all over the place, because for some reason when people think Memorial Day, they think “let’s buy a mattress to celebrate.” Seriously, I have no idea why it’s a huge weekend for sales on mattresses, but go with it. If you need a new one, these sales are the ones to get the best prices for the year.


Again, if you missed the low prices in March, you can still find some great deals in May. It’s Memorial Day weekend sales that will bring the best prices. HOWEVER, if you did bought the BBQ in March, when the selection was great, and you used that Discover Card, you’ve got 90 days to contact them for the Price Guarantee benefit of using Discover Card.

Doesn’t matter where you bought the original one, or where you saw the price is cheaper, as long as the item is EXACTLY the same in the ad, or on the internet and you can print it out, Discover should match the price for you within 90 days of your original purchase! So look for your BBQ in the sales flyers, see if you can find it, and then get the price guarantee IF it’s lower this month.

Party Supplies/Picnic Supplies

It’s the month to celebrate Moms, college grads, and Memorial Day. All the party supplies you can imagine will be on sale this month. You can find tons of deals on paper goods, plastic goods, and decorations. Obviously stay away from things that say Happy Mother’s Day, and Happy Memorials Day, if you plan on using the decorations for other events throughout the Summer!

Now’s the time to stock up on pastel colored items. Many Mother’s Day items don’t have Mother’s Day printed on them. Buy the pastel colored goodies and re0use them for garden and tea parties, baby and bridal showers, and more.

Gym Memberships

Winter’s over. Snow’s gone. People spend more time outdoors, and aren’t joining gyms. They can do their workouts outside, and aren’t looking to sign up for the yearly gym commitment. Pricing might start to decline as the months go on. If you see the prices start to drop further after you’ve joined up, take the ad to the owner of the gym and ask that they honor the lower prices. It can’t hurt.

Gyms are always changing prices, or offering deals. The best ones to look for are those that offer a free trial to test out the gym first…..it’ll give you time to shop around, see how far the prices are falling BEFORE you commit. Start looking for those free trials, and the prices of joining up!

Spring Clothes

We’re already getting Spring clothing on clearance racks by May. Why? Because Summer stuff started coming to stores in April, and they are moving into the front of displays. Spring clothes end up on clearance racks. Hitting the clearance bins, and shelves, throughout stores all over the place.

Stock up for yourself, and the kids, if they aren’t prone to growth spurts! Stock up on stuff that’s a little larger, gives you some wiggle room for the following Spring season!


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