What should you buy in the month of November?

Everyone knows November is one of my three favorite months of the year. The other two months are April and July. Unfortunately, November isn’t a big “deal finding” month. Finding the best things to buy in the month of November isn’t easy. Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t the be all and end all of great deals. It’s slim pickings for deals in my precious November, but there’s definitely a few items you can get a good deal on.

buy in the month of november

Things you should buy in the month of November

Are you ready to rumble????????? What should you buy in the month of November? All of the following amazing things, that’s what!

Halloween Candy

If you even have to ask why this is a big “deal,” I might have to smack the back of your head. Seriously, Halloween is over, all the Halloween themed candy has to be sold. Stores cannot keep that stuff for a year, and they want it out of their stock. The faster, the better. Right after Halloween, and well into November, HUGE sales, and deals, and clearance happen until every last bag of candy sells. So load up!

Halloween themed supplies

Paper goods, signs, costumes, spider rings, party supplies, and everything related to decorating and partying for Halloween will be on sale. Last year I even saw little twinkle lights that were orange, and black, and had pumpkin head shaped lights on it……for $1.00. Huge strand of them, in a box, for a buck.

If you do Halloween up at your house, BUY THE STORES OUT IN NOVEMBER. But go on November 1st, right after Halloween. All the best stuff will be waiting for you in the clearance areas of the stores.

Orange “stuff”

Anything orange will be in the clearance area, as well. We found packages of orange paper goods lats year, all over the clearance area. Black, too. And the color combo of black and orange will be there, for sure. The first few days after Halloween, you’ll find exclusively orange items in sales and clearance. Load up before people remember orange works for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Wedding Dresses

Not a whole lot of brides are shopping for gowns in November, and December. Men are usually heading out and starting to shop for rings, so they can propose over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. However, the brides that have become engaged and are marrying in the Spring……they aren’t going shopping for dresses in November, or December. I went wedding dress shopping in December, and found a super simple one for $400, alterations included. YUP. True chiz.

Brides just aren’t thinking wedding in November, or December. Their focus is on the holidays. It’s not a convenient time to shop for your wedding.


Holiday shopping sales started last month, and cookware is still a huge deal. It will be throughout the rest of the year. Thanksgiving seems to make people think they need new pots, and pans, to make their holiday meals. I’m not a cook, so I couldn’t tell you what pot to cook anything in. I know how to boil water, and I can do that in any sized pot. Yeah, I’ve got skills.


NO BRAINER. All the stores are doing the “buy XX dollar amount of groceries before XX date, and you can earn a FREE TURKEY.” Take advantage of it if you love Turkey. Even if you have the turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, get whatever free ones you earn. Donate them, or keep them in your freezer for a great Turkey dinner over the winter months.

Personally, I don’t even want Turkey on Thanksgiving, I’m more of a “side dishes” kind of eater on that day. However, the husband LOVES Turkey………and he loves to just throw one in the oven on a random cold Saturday and the free turkey works out well for us!

I know, November is a fantastic month…..but not really a great one for deals. Sorry! But there’s always Black Friday, and Cyber Monday if you’re into that kind of thing…….


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