What should you buy in the month of October?

When you think about October, your mind goes to fall foliage, and Halloween. However, it’s also deal-finding time, my friends. October is the time to save your money on some crazy great items you really want, but don’t want to spend a ton of hard earned money on!

buy in the month of october

What to buy in the month of October

What should you buy in the month of October? There’s some great stuff, let’s dig in.


It starts in September, and just continues through the end of the year. Older models need to move over and make room for the new models. Once the new ones are on the lot, the old ones really need to get the heck out – so they just keep lowering prices, offering deals with free gas, or whatever. Take advantage, get your “haggle” on, and find yourself a new car!

Cookware & Kitchen

October brings out the holiday sale mentality kind of earlier, and earlier, every year. Cookware, and kitchen stuff, are normally the first to start the ball rolling on holiday sales. My thought is that November is coming, Thanksgiving is a big cooking holiday, it must be the reason for this. I don’t know…….but the last few years, October has brought sales on all kinds of pots, pans, and goodies for the kitchen. Plus, great coupons.

Air Conditioners

It’s October. No one’s going to be buying an Air Conditioner. Stores need them out of their stock, and off their floors. You’ll see lots of summer related items on sale, discounted, and offering a lot of “extras” with purchases. AC’s are no different. If you want a wall, or window, unit, get one now!


It’s that time of the year when the newest launch, and all the toy experts are giving their two cents about what will be hot for the holidays. October you’ll see tons of toy stores, and stores with toy departments, start cutting toy and game prices. Again, out with the old, to make room for all the new, hot stuff for the holiday season!

Coupons will pop up, so stack your deals, and save on tons of toys. Stock up for all those donations to local charities, upcoming birthday parties, and even for Christmas. Some of those old toys are still pretty darn cool, and I know my kids always love getting cool stuff, even if the newer stuff is coming out! The beauty of having November babies……I can get the hot stuff from the year for them for their birthdays, and then for Christmas, get one or two of the latest trend setters! Then wait for October to get the remainder for their November birthdays. See how that cycle works out in my favor??!!!

Wedding Supplies

Winter isn’t prime wedding season, especially here in New York. Hell, even Spring isn’t the time to marry thanks to snow storms well into March. However, in October and all the way through the end of the year, weddings aren’t happening frequently. What does that mean? Wedding supplies are cheaper. Especially the “must have” trendy items seen at all the Spring and Summer weddings.

Once September hits…..those items drop in price. If you’re planning a wedding for the following year, and you don’t care about the latest trends, stock up now and save it all for your wedding. If not, and you’re a winter bride, get your stuff now. Plus, venues are going to see a lot less activity in October, and November. They will discount their venues BIG TIME, especially if you want a weekday wedding. Think outside the box, and score amazing deals!

Broadway Tickets

Off season on good old Broadway! Heard great things about Mamma Mia!, or Spiderman? It’s your chance to see a show at a much cheaper price, because they need to fill seats. Check out websites like TodayTix.com. It offers great prices on Broadway Shows, in all seasons. October is your time to hit NYC and see amazing shows for much less than your friends who had to see it during prime season!


October is yet another non-holiday kind of month. It’s not a gift-giving month. A.K.A. not a huge jewelry-buying month. Go to your favorite jewelers in October, and talk your way to a better price. It’s easier in October, as jewelry stores are itching to make sales. Less expensive stuff found in department stores, that’s going to go on sale, too. Watch for the price drops, use the right credit card, and make sure you pay attention to any price changes in your favor! Once purchased with the right card, you can have up to 90 days for price guarantee.

What else have you found for super cheap in the month of October?

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