What should you buy in the month of September?

It’s time for fall preparation for most of us. Kids are back in school, and the seasons are “a-changing.” So what does one buy in September, that will save money but still get a high quality item one’s been aching for? Let’s find out what’s up and what should you buy in the month of September!!!

buy in the month of september

What should you buy in the month of September to make the most of your paycheck


Cycling season is almost over, and the models that were new for this year, need to GO. The new model’s for 2014 have debuted, and it’s out with the old, in with the new! Go get a good deal on your “last season model” bike! They work the same, and seriously? Do you really need to have the 2014 model right from the start?


It’s sort of the same as when you buy a new bike. All the old models need to get the heck out of dodge, no pun intended. Out with the old, in with the new. September is a great time to haggle, get a great price on a car you really want, as long as you’re okay with getting the “outdated” model! At least it’ll be the “new model” for a few more months, right?!!!

Just keep in mind, if you can wait a few months, the deals for cars will continue to get better. But start your strategic shopping, as well as your haggling skills ,NOW.


Summer’s over, and it’s time to think about next Summer’s lawn care. While everyone’s locking their mowers up for the season, you can head down and get some decent prices on a new mower as stores are getting rid of the Summer stock, and making room for the snow blowers! Get the mowers that have been on the floor all season, floor models are always going to fetch a better deal! They’ve got dings, scratches, and aren’t always the best looking. However, they still work, and you can still get the manufacturer warranty.


If you were able to hold out for a new BBQ/Grill, this might just be the moment you’ve been waiting for. Again, stores are trying to make room for all the winter goodies that need to come in, even the fall stuff like leaf blowers, and leaf vacuum machines. See what you can finagle when it comes to those Grills that are taking up a lot of room on their display floors. Go for the DISPLAY/FLOOR models, you get an even better deal!

Holiday Airfare

It’s a few months until the holidays, I know. However, you still need to think ahead and start making your plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel! Normally, this is the right time to find the best holiday travel prices. Make sure to do this on Tuesday, around 4PM EST. If you miss out on Tuesday, check Wednesday and Thursday, too. For some reason, these three days are the days you’ll find some of the best airline ticket prices.


If you didn’t get a new pair before the Summer, now’s the time to score a killer designer pair for yourself. HOWEVER, if you can hold off until November, you’ll score even better deals. For now, the department stores will have great deals on the “budget friendly” designs. Hit the designer stores in November, if that’s your thing.

Pool Equipment

Yup, summer’s over. Backyard pools are covered. Not many people are thinking about next season, so take the time to load up on your pool needs for next season. Chlorine, pH Testers, floats, etc. Larger equipment, too. Even a new pool! The art of haggling is something that will suit you well right now!


I’m not a big Wine drinker, but living on Long Island, I know it’s about time to harvest those grapes. The new wines are coming out, old wines need to move on out. Head to your local stores, and score some wine for your celebrations! Or your daily one with dinner. Red, White, Blush……I have no clue what they’re called, I don’t drink the stuff, but I know I’m one of the few out there that doesn’t. LOL!!!

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