Wild Walls decal experience

Disclosure: I received a Wild Walls decal kit in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine, and that of my children.

You’re walking through Target. You’ve got a list in your hand of all the things you need from Target, but who leaves Target with just what they needed from a list? Honestly, how many times have you heard of someone announcing on Facebook “I went to Target to get “this and this” and I left with a huge basket of stuff, and totally forgot “this and this?” It’s a daily occurrence, isn’t it? I bet you’d never imagine one of the things in your cart would be a Wild Walls decal kit, with light, sound and decals!

Wild Walls decal #disney #unclemilton #sponsoredWild Walls decal kit featuring Cars

Target. It’s the mecca for many of us. Men, women and children love the store. I seriously think there’s some kind of hypnotic thing going on with that red and white bulls eye logo! It just sucks you in. You’re driving by, you see that Target symbol and you just appear in the aisles of the store with a shopping cart. You can’t remember how you got there, but you’re there. And since “I’m already here….” a little shopping is in order, right?

Recently, for my son’s fifth birthday, we loaded up his bedroom walls with his favorite Disney characters in decal form. We’ve got a wall of Wreck-it Ralph, a wall of Monsters University, a wall of Toy Story, a ceiling with Planes and of course, no Disney themed room is complete without a wall of Cars. How does one spruce up a boring decal, though? Sure, it’s fun to have walls covered in Disney characters, but how does a mom really bring the WOW factor? Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls is how.

While walking through Target, or even browsing Target.com, you’ll find the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. Wild Walls will make you a superstar in your house. They’ve got Cars, Buzz, The Little Mermaid, and Tinker Bell. Well, they’ve got generic ones, too, like Dinosaurs. However, my little monkeys love Tinker Bell and Cars, as well as Buzz, so finding the Disney-themed Wild Walls for $22.99 was an epic coup.

Two Thumbs up for Wild Walls decal kit

The decals are made well, and even when a certain young man decided to move around his Lightning Speed Grand Prix scene, the decals didn’t lose their “will to stick” on the walls. I’ve had problems with a few in the past, so it’s nice to see these working so well. The lights and sound aspect make this the coolest thing ever. I’m going to have to head back to Target and see if I can find the Tinker Bell one for Little Miss, because heaven knows she doesn’t have enough Tinker Bell in her life……SARCASM right there, in case you didn’t pick up on it.

One of my favorite parts is not having to plug it in. It can be mounted to the wall, and just needs batteries. Love it. Plugging things in with young kids isn’t something I enjoy, so having it mount to the wall and just need batteries is a major thumbs up. Especially since kids have to push the button on it to make the lights, and sound go. Even more awesome? It turns itself off.

I’m even cool with the price tag. Uncle Milton makes quality products, and the $22.99 for the Disney-themed Wild Walls is kind of steal. Plus, if you’ve got a Target card, you’ll get your discount, so it’ll be even less of an expense! It’s a win-win, and a TWO THUMBS UP kind of moment happening here.


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