7 Organic Green Smoothie Recipes

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I’ll admit it. Green Smoothies are new for me. I’ve only been drinking them daily since December. I chose a day, committed to drinking green juices or green smoothies every morning, and never looked back! Finding Food Babe helped me find amazing organic green smoothie recipes. Delicious ones. Healthy, nutritious ones.

organic green smoothie recipes

7 Organic Green Smoothie Recipes

I may not know everything about nutrition, and smoothies. Always learning, figuring it all out. What do I know for sure? Always use organic ingredients! If you can’t, make green smoothies anyway. Get those healthy, leafy greens inside your body. It improves your body health and your mental health. These are some of my favorites that I know you’ll enjoy. I mean, at least one of them out of the seven, anyway.

Ginger Berry Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know I live with chronic pain. Certain foods help dull the pain, but there’s few things that completely remove the pain. Does this Ginger Berry Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie destroy pain? Not for me, but it does help when I have headaches. Plus, it tastes yummy and I know the leafy greens are great for my health. I usually use kale, or spinach. Once or twice I used romaine. Gave it a salad-y taste to it. Not a fan with romaine.

Sunrise Green Smoothie

Even though the recipe is decent as it is, I tend to adjust the Sunrise Green Smoothie for my taste buds. I do a little more apple, a little less cucumber. I LOVE cucumber, but it tends to overpower the other flavors. Try it first, and adjust later.

Cherry Berry Smoothie

The Cherry Berry Smoothie calls for almond or coconut milk. I’ve tried it both ways, and I have to say…. both milks are great. Sometimes I swap spinach out, and use kale.

Banana Bread Hemp Smoothie

In some recipes, Hemp Seeds make an appearance. I’ve tried to find organic ones at the store, but never located any. I replaced it with organic ground up hemp seeds. It is what it is, right? It works great, and instead of nut milk in this Banana Bread Hemp Smoothie, I just use water. It’s easier, and less expensive.

Peach Chia Smoothie

Peaches make me think of summer, so this one’s a favorite. Peach Chia Smoothie with grass-fed yogurt mixed in, instead of nut milk, works best for me. Although I do add filtered water to thin it out a bit, as the yogurt is thicker than the nut milks. I also leave out the date. The smoothie is sweet enough without it, at least for me.

Superfood Smoothie

Chocolate isn’t my jam. However, I do like variety, and even though the Superfood Smoothie calls for raw cacao powder, I often swap it out for Truvani Vanilla Protein Powder. Is it perfect? Well, it’s a green smoothie and the beauty is: you can change recipes to suit your tastes!

Avocado Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

I don’t do “oats”. It’s one of two things I leave out of this Avocado Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie. The other thing I leave out – the dates!

These green smoothie recipes are just a jumping point. Create your own, packed with lots of leafy greens and tasty fruits. Find new ones online. Food Babe has a fantastic cookbook I purchased back in November. However you choose to improve your health, get out there and do it. Not all organic and healthy foods have to taste GROSS!

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