A review of Off-Broadway Show Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

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What better way to spend a Friday evening during Fleet Week than to head into New York City to see an off-Broadway show? The city was packed, as it was also the start of Memorial Day Weekend. Weather was gorgeous, and even with tourists packing the avenues of New York City, the walk to 777 8th Avenue wasn’t too bad. Once we arrived, we were met with Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man!

Almost time for the show. #sextips

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A review of Off-Broadway Show Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

Let me tell you right now, if you embarrass easily about anything having to do with sex, this is not the show for you. At all. Just stay away from it. The word penis is used, and that’s the least of the sex talk that would make your entire body turn red in embarrassment. Me? Nothing embarrasses me about sex, so I laughed through the entire show. Well, when I could hear it.

UGH. Yes, this had nothing to do with the show itself, but my main issue with the show was the audience. Perhaps it’s because you can drink while at the show, but the people sitting behind us were celebrating the fact that one of “their own” was getting married. Unfortunately, the women were rude. Laughing loudly is one thing, but they have full-on conversations in their “outside” voices during the entire show. I’m not sure why no one stopped them, or spoke to them, because they certainly weren’t listening to the people sitting around them. All of us were asking them to lower their speaking voices, and either they didn’t understand English, or they were just okay with being assholes.

In any event, it would have been nice if the people in the tiny theatre, would have spoken to them, or asked them to leave. Other than the rudeness, the show was rather cute. And totally my kind of humor. I have absolutely no shame in anything I do, and I’m fairly open about all things sex related. My only hang-up is nudity on stage, which does NOT happen at this show. Everyone is fully clothed, even Stefan, played by Mat Leonard, when he does a really cute strip tease. No nudity, just lots of skin. Worked for me, the kid has an amazing body. AMAZING.

The story is cute, it’s based on a book of the same name. You might have remembered it from a little movie called Hope Springs with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep? If not, doesn’t matter. The show has nothing to do with the movie, so you’re good. The book was first published back in 1997, and was a best seller. I can see why, because during the show there are passages read out loud. I’m sure the book has tons of great content, and the show just highlights super specific aspects of the book. The really fabulous ones, of course.

Now, if you’re testing yourself and want to head to the show, to see if you can be open-minded and free about sex, do NOT sit in the front section of the theatre. Get tickets for the back. Why? The show is interactive, and they’re going into the audience for volunteers. Men, and women. No one is safe. It’s also less expensive if the back seats of the theatre. You’ll still get a great show, so no worries on that! I saw the show from the H row. It’s sort of in the middle. We were fine, and since the ladies behind us were so vocal, they were chosen to help out in one part of the show. Don’t want to be picked for anything, sit in the way back.

Be prepared, though. The seats are not comfortable. The show has no intermission, and goes for 75-minutes without stopping. If it was any longer, those seats would have done permanent damage to my body. Just know before you go!

Who should go see Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

Basically, if you’re open-minded, see the show. It’s perfect for a date night, if you’re a fun couple that has no hang-ups about sex. Getting married and want a super fun bachelorette party, this is the show for you. Get up close to the stage with your tickets, because those tickets come with one free drink, and you’ll probably be able to get up there to help out with the show.

If you’ve got a sense of humor, definitely get yourself some tickets and go have a great night out with friends. Make a night of it, of course! Shows are at 8pm on Friday and Saturday nights, so hit the show and then go have a great meal, or head to a pub for more drinking. Whatever works for you!



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