Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post for which I received monetary compensation. In some cases, compensation may have been used to purchase the item so that I may give a personal account of my experience.Pairing people with pooches on Z Living’s newest Tuesday night show, Finding Fido, is something I’d wish I’d come up with. I’m not even going to hide the fact that I wish I’d thought of this concept for a show. It’s awesome. How often do people get a dog, without doing research, and the dog ends up in a shelter because it wasn’t the right fit for the family? Once is too often!

Pairing people with pooches on Z Living's newest show Finding Fido

Pairing people with pooches on Z Living’s newest show Finding Fido

My entire life, I’ve always had dogs. More often than not, we got them from a shelter. One we even got when my mother went food shopping, and some random guy was giving puppies away from a paper box. No joke. We named him Boots, because he looked like he had brown boots on his little paws. Our family had no clue if these dogs would fit with our personalities, or our lifestyle. It was a luck of the draw kind of thing.

However, these days, you just never know what kind of dog is looking up at you from the shelter floor. There’s so many to chose from, and it’s overwhelming. I’d love to find a matchmaker like host Seth Casteel, to pair me with the perfect pooch! It takes a lot of the stress out of the entire process.

The entire concept of Z Living’s newest show Finding Fido is fabulous. Tonight’s cute episode at 9 PM, is about Chris and Kali. They’re on the hunt for a smaller dog to be the perfect companion for their daughter, Brooklyn. Matching a family with the perfect little pooch is all anyone needs to make Valentine’s Day special, right?

Pairing people with pooches on Z Living's newest show Finding Fido

When to catch Finding Fido on Z Living

Finding Fido is on every Tuesday at 9 PM. Were you aware Z Living is available on Dish, FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, Optimum and many more services? For my FiOS friends, you’ll find them on 162 without HD, but with HD go to 662! If you’re not sure what channel to find Z Living, make sure to visit the Z Living website, so you’re able to go straight to the right place on at 9 PM tonight (and every Tuesday.)

If you’re not going to be home, I get it, it’s Valentine’s Day, DVR it! Set it up NOW. Z Living. Finding Fido. 9PM. 2/14/2017.

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