How Fast Does Your Internet Need to Be to Stream 4K Movies?

Over the last few years, 4K movies have exploded in popularity. These videos can completely change the way you watch your entertainment. If you’re ready to enjoy the full 4K experience, then you’re probably wondering what kind of internet connection you are going to need in order to stream 4K.

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How Fast Does Your Internet Need to Be to Stream 4K Movies?

Basics of 4K

There are many different buzzwords describing ultra-high definition movies. However, most experts focus on the total number of pixels being used. When a video is labeled as 4K quality, it means there are four times as many pixels used as a traditional 1,920-by-1,080 resolution media file. When you’re watching a 4K quality movie on a 4K device, you’ll immediately notice a crisper, brighter, and clearer picture.

Required Streaming Speeds

The streaming speeds you’ll need for your 4K movies will depend on a wide variety of factors. That includes:

  • how many devices in your house are using the internet
  • the quality of your hardware
  • the type of file that is streaming

As a general rule, users should assume they will need at least 25 Mbps of bandwidth if they want to stream a 4K movie without buffering or stuttering.

Using Compatible Devices

One problem many people run into when attempting to stream 4K movies is using the wrong hardware. Even if a device is advertised as compatible with 4K videos, it might only work in certain formats. Before you begin streaming 4K movies, you should make sure the format of the video is compatible with the streaming device and television that you’re using.

Boosting Your Speeds

If your 4K movies aren’t coming in clearly or they’re constantly stuttering, then you might need to switch over to a higher quality modem and a wired line. You should also consider working with a different internet provider specifically offering speeds adequate for 4K media. Many providers now offer blindingly fast streaming speeds that should be more than adequate for multiple devices and larger families.

In addition to taking a look at your hardware and ISP, you might also want to consider building up your own collection of 4K DVDs. Investing a few extra dollars into a 4K DVD player and a handful of your favorite movies will ensure that you can enjoy high-quality movies even if your internet is down.

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