Cash Rebate Shopping Series: baby clothing savings

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I must admit, I’m not a good shopper when it comes to groceries. However, when it comes to baby clothing savings, and children’s clothing shopping, I’m the BEST little online shopper out there. Whether in the store, or online, I find the best shopping deals! So if you have kids, or are having a baby, check out my tips!
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: baby clothing savings

Baby clothing savings accomplished using cash rebate websites

Where to start an online shopping trip

How do I start my baby clothing savings shopping “trips” online? I look for special offers from my favorite store: Old Navy. Sign up for their emails to get the 4-1-1 on when they have huge sales, especially their clearance sales. Old Navy holds baby clothing sales; clearance sales; extra percentages for those with the Old Navy Credit Card; and, free shipping when you purchase a certain amount (which they sometimes lower with special codes, but normally when you spend $50 you get free shipping).

A bonus: You can combine orders from Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta, to quality for free shipping.

Tips to spend less on baby clothing, or children’s clothing

Baby clothing shopping tip one

Wait for great emails offering discounts from Old Navy. My favorite one is the 50% off clearance items. I live for that sale.

Baby clothing shopping tip two

Head over to your favorite cash rebate site. These days, you can earn 8% cash back shopping at Old Navy through Mr. Rebates. Once on Mr. Rebates, and you have found Old Navy listed, look for coupons that work with the cash rebate site to earn you the most for your money! Sometimes you end up scoring some great ones, like EVERYTHING qualifying for free shipping, even under the $50 threshold.

Baby clothing shopping tip three

Go straight to clearance, along with sale items. It’s amazing what great prices you can find there. It takes a little bit of hunting to find the right sizes, but totally worth the extra effort when you see the savings. Be open to the “unpopular” colors, and patterns.

Baby clothing shopping tip four

IF you can’t wait for amazing coupons, then shop when the seasons are changing. If you know your child’s growth pattern, you can stock up at the end of a season for the next year. My daughter has always been true to the Old Navy sizes. My son, however, runs a little bigger, so I buy things that run larger so I know it will fit the following year. I also LAYER. I will purchase lightweight shirts at the end of summer, which I then layer on top of long sleeved onesies. They take me through the fall, spring and then summer comes and the lightweight shirt no longer needs the onesie under it, but still fits him. SCORE.

Baby clothing shopping tip FIVE

This isn’t a shopping tip, rather a cleaning clothes tip! Launder clothing in the gentle cycle of your washing machine. DO NOT put your children’s clothing in the dryer if possible. If you do, use the delicate cycle. If it’s still damp, take it out and hang it up in their closet. They’ll dry out and you’re not putting a lot of wear and tear on the clothing.

Final baby clothing shopping tip

Have a boy first. Just kidding. I had a girl first. Girls first, boy second, results in a difficult situation: passing clothing from one sibling to the other. However, since my daughter loves orange, we did salvage some stuff. Orange wasn’t a popular color for girls when Little Miss was younger, so guess where I found tons of orange? Boys section! In worked out in the long run.

Seriously, if you have a boy or girl and you plan on having another child, I recommend trying to buy the bulk of your baby clothing so that it can be used again no matter the sex of your children. Obviously, you want to get some girly stuff for the little ones, or boyish sweaters and slacks for your baby boy, I get it. However, to save some money, keep those gender specific outfits to one or two for holidays, and pictures. It’ll help, I promise!

Hopefully this helped a bit with shopping for clothing for your new baby!

PS-This kind of shopping can be done at any store you prefer. The Children’s Place, Babies R Us, Target, WalMart – just follow the same process! Find the coupons, go to your cash rebate site with the best rebates, head to the sales and clearance section of the website and shop wisely!

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