Summer Fun with #SkyTrix

Disclaimer: I received a free SkyTrix™ product at the Time to Play Spring Showcase. I decided to write a little something about it after we played with it one gorgeous Spring afternoon, where it was still too chilly to hit the pool (rather, Mommy wasn’t getting into the ice cold pool after a bad rainstorm that caused the pool to drop in temperature. We needed something fun to do, and we found it with SkyTrix. All opinions are mine, and that of my family!

SkyTrix from DayDream Toy

The dilemma with Summer: sometimes there’s days it’s just too cold to go in the pool. Not necessarily too cold outside, but the pool is just too cold. Since my two aren’t what you’d call “good swimmers” YET, I’ve got to go in with them. Personally, I’m not a pool lover to begin with. I try to avoid it at all costs, and just have the kids go in with my parents. However, sometimes, it’s just too cold for all of us…..which was the case after a pretty nasty rain storm that caused a whole lot of flash floods on Long Island.

So what the heck do you do with kids, and adults, on a gorgeous blue sky day? You play tricks. Lots of them.


My kids have been bugging me to open SkyTrix™ up for over a month now. They found it in my bag of goodies from the Spring Showcase that Time to Play Magazine did in New York City. I’ve been putting it off, because I knew once we opened it…….well, everyone would be addicted to it! Our issue at our house is that we’re just so overrun with trees, there’s no way to play with it around our house. We’d have to head to a huge field, which would require a lot of preparation before we headed out. Everyone on the potty, including me. Proper sunblock application on everyone. Snacks, and drinks. Just too much for me to deal with until I knew the kids really loved it, and would want to play for at least an hour. Not ten minutes.

Now, my parents have less tree action at their home. They’re also the ones with the pool the kids swim in every weekend during the summer. Yup, see how all that worked out for us? I’m all about making life simple. At mom’s house we’ve got the front yard, fairly free of obstacles (or so I thought.)

SkyTrix™ on the Roof


Little Miss was right there to catch it off the roof!

Plus, a bathroom, drinks, and food right there in the kitchen, so no need to pack anything up, or hope no one has to pee while we’re playing out on a big field. It seemed like a good idea. I figured, after we rescued SkyTrix from the roof, it would be smooth sailing…….until Mom got her hands on it. It headed into the bushes, and across the street into her neighbor’s tree.

SkyTrix™ in a tree

Word to the wise, head to a big field. Or the beach. And practice, practice, practice, so you can really make it tons of fun like the more advanced players do.

Well, another very important piece of advice The Boy would like to share for you in the form of a demonstration video of WHAT NOT TO DO, you know beyond not getting it on the roof….

Even though the kids aren’t pros, they still give it not just a thumbs up….

SkyTrix gets a thumbs up

But TWO thumbs up!

SkyTrix Two Thumbs Up

I have to tell you, for $15.99, I’m a lover of the toy. Totally recommend getting it for the Summer season. We’re going to head to a field on a bit of a breezy day, and see how it works! If it’s this cool on a regular, still day……it’s going to be pure awesome in a bottle on a breezy day!

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  1. Diane N. June 13, 2013 at 8:34 am

    Looks like fun!

    • November Sunflower June 13, 2013 at 8:56 am

      It’s not just fun, but it had my entire family playing together, outside on a beautiful day. Totally my top pick for this summer!

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