Different ways you can honor soldiers on Memorial Day

People know Memorial Day celebrations include BBQs, outdoor parties, lots of burgers and beer. However, Memorial Day is much more than these celebrations, and there are different ways you can honor soldiers on Memorial Day. It won’t take away from time with your family, and friends, but it will pay respect to those who gave up their lives for our freedoms.

Different ways you can honor soldiers on Memorial Day

Different ways you can honor soldiers on Memorial Day

  • Fly your American Flag at half staff until NOON, then raise it back up to full to honor living veterans.
  • Wear a Red Poppy. It’s a well known symbol to memorialize soldiers who were killed during conflict.
  • Visit a National Cemetery. Most will handle the flowers, as many are strict about placing flowers at each grave. Just go, and pay your respects. Read the headstones to get to know a bit about who helped keep America great throughout history.
  • National Moment of Remembrance Act was signed by President Clinton back in 2000. If you can, at 3:00 P.M. stop whatever you’re doing, and pause for a minute. Reflect on all those lives lost for our liberties.
  • Volunteer your time. I’m talking just on Memorial Day, but regularly. There’s plenty of VA Hospitals that could use quality volunteers, or if you can’t do that, consider a local homeless shelter. Wherever you can find a place to volunteer your time, it’s appreciated and definitely pays tribute to what these men and women lost their lives for.
  • Go to a Memorial Day Parade in your local area, or watch one on television.

Whatever you choose to do for Memorial Day, and the weekend surrounding the important day, stay safe!

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