Wrapping up the Year for 2021

Wrapping up the year is never easy, but 2021…. damn! Even with a virus running rampant, 2021 was filled with hope. People began to gather, travel, and get back to living a little bit.

wrapping up the year for 2021

Wrapping up the year

During 2021, I took a break for a few months focusing on my kids and creating memories during their summer vacation. We made sure to take our annual road trip to Lake George, New York to spend money in our own state and help our tourism revenue. Then we embarked on our longest road trip ever! We headed to one of my all-time favorite places: Sarasota, Florida. Introducing my kids, and puppies, to the gorgeous beaches along the Gulf Coast was probably my most favorite part of 2021.

My other favorite part of 2021? Sharing amazing content from tons of guest writers, and some of my own content, too!!!!

Highlights from 2021

Everyone started off 2021 with hope in our eyes that this would be the year we all got back to normal. It may not have gone as planned, especially this final month of 2021, but if you’ve been reading November Sunflower all year long – you’ve picked up on some great tips and important information that will help you throughout 2022 and beyond.

Let’s recap some of the best of the best from 2021!

Tips to help make it easier to Declutter Your Home

  • Guest Writer Emma provides six simple ways to declutter your house so you don’t have to stress out over the chore. Carry these tips into 2022 and get your home sorted out this coming year if you didn’t get to do it this past year.

4 Ways to help your family stay happy and safe during quarantine

  • Guest Writer Lizzie shared great ways for your family to not only remain safe, but also keep their mental health in a good place. Definitely helpful as we head into 2022 with a new variant out there making life a little difficult for people.

How ending toxic relationships can help your anxiety

  • Rebecca Shinn, another amazing guest writer, offers amazing insights on ending toxic relationships and how it can help your anxiety.

Plan your dog friendly Lake George, New York vacation

  • This little one is one of mine! After spending quite a few years mourning the loss of my beloved Pug, I decided to become a dog parent again. Now, I travel with not one, but two dogs to all my favorite vacation spots.

Best Sarasota Neighborhood restaurants

  • Another one from me! After spending a lot of time in Sarasota, I decided to create a great guide to some of my favorite restaurants in-and-around Sarasota, Florida. Definitely helped during my road trip down to the Gulf Coast with my kids. They loved each place I recommended. Wooohooo.

What to do with your dyed eggs after Easter Sunday

  • And another one from me! People never know what to do with all of the eggs they’ve dyed, other than egg salad. I was happy to create a list of options beyond egg salad sandwiches.

Suiting your dress style to the seasons

  • Guest writer Reggie gives some great tips on how to incorporate your dress style to each season.

How using the right storage can declutter your home

  • One of my regular guest writers, Brooke, shared some tips on what storage can help a family declutter their home.

Five great money-saving tips for traveling on a budget

  • Guest writer Samantha brings money-saving tips to everyone who wants to travel on a budget, or has to travel on a budget.

Easy ways to invest in property without using a cent of your own money

  • Guest writer Emily shared how you can invest in property without using your own cash.

How to set your child up for financial success

  • Bianka, one of my newer guest writers, knocked it out of the park with helpful ways to set your kids up for financial success.

A morning routine for a happy family & happier self

  • Another new guest writer, Shalaka, created a great piece on adjusting your morning routine in order to improve your family’s happiness, which inevitably creates a much happier YOU.

Practice mental healing: 6 daily actions

  • Guest writer Sheryl shares daily things you can do in order to heal your mental health.

The power of music 

  • Guest writer Curtis Dean shared how one can improve his or her well-being through music.

Achieving financial freedom 

  • Another brand new guest writer, Carlo shares how you can achieve financial freedom in 12 easy ways.

When your spouse refuses to get help

  • A guest piece brought to you by Nigel Ford helps one navigate a path to take if your spouse refuses to get help.

Top tips for planning a cross-country road trip

  • One of my regular guest writers, Meghan ended 2021 for November Sunflower with a great piece for those looking to do a cross-country road trip!

Have a great end of 2021 (& happiest wishes for your 2022)

It’s been a hell of a year. Thanks for being loyal readers and visitors. I can’t wait to share more amazing tips, information, and entertainment during 2022!

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