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Whenever I get down on myself, which happens, I always remember Theodore Roosevelt’s quote “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Listen, I’m a fairly confident, capable and committed person. However, I do have days where the world just seems like it’s out to get me. I work my tail off, writing and creating, and working with brands that always love my work. It’s an amazing way to spend my days. It’s just not always to believe that my big break is right around the corner. Each day I dedicate to this business I’ve created from nothing, just because I looked at my kids and knew I wanted to create a certain kind of life for them.

Believe you can

Every January, I’m forced to really dig into my income from November Sunflower, because we’ve got to prepare for tax time. Well, after looking at the very small income I produce with November Sunflower, it gets me down in the dumps. doesn’t bring in the income our family requires in order to live here, on Long Island. Finding ways to supplement the income has been difficult over the years, and it leaves us struggling often. However, I just have to believe that all of you out there, who visit me, and read the words I spend so much time writing, will all work itself out and be something beyond great.

Life behind a computer screen isn’t easy, and it can be rather…. well, depressing at times, but I love to write, and share, and be a source of not just information, but entertainment. I push myself each year to get over the doubts that creep into my head, and just BELIEVE I CAN make something bigger, and better, and more of what you all want to see. Plus, make money.

Mama Sunflower does like to make a living, just like everyone else. So I believe I can, and I truly believe I’ll get ALL the way there! Here’s to 2016, and the wise words of Teddy Roosevelt on this President’s Day.

Staci Gerardi

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