Do I have to share my LeapFrog Epic?

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He makes me shake my head almost every day. When we open up these amazing packages from LeapFrog, his excitement is obvious, and then he hits me with questions like “Do I have to share it with her?” Really, kid? I’m the LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, so I get to decide who plays with what when these boxes come to our home. Killing me. However, I get why he asks these questions. The Epic is pretty cool, so I’d probably want it all to myself, too. Especially with a bossy older sister, like Little Miss. The answer to “Do I have to share my LeapFrog Epic?” question: YES!

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Do I have to share my LeapFrog Epic?

We seem to get super lucky when it comes to Leap Frog boxes arriving, and scheduled family trips. Since the arrival of the LeapFrog Platinum, “disagreements” arise about length of playtime. I’d had it, so I told them both we weren’t going to bring it with us this time we went away if they couldn’t agree on how time would be split while traveling in the car to Mystic, Connecticut. (Thankfully, we were taking the ferry across Long Island Sound, so less time spent traveling in the car, in traffic.)

LeapFrog Delivery

Lucky brats, a huge box arrived from LeapFrog, and low and behold, the LeapFrog Epic was in the box. It’s like LeapFrog KNEW Mama Sunflower was at the end of her rope with tablet disagreements! Perfect timing. Hat’s off to you, LeapFrog!

Since the kids are a tad bit old, the LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven and LeapFrog Scout’s Build & Discover Tool Set, weren’t of interest to my kids. Now the tablet! The LeapFrog Epic! Perfect for my son, and even though she’s turning 9 in November, my daughter. They both love these tablets, because they offer more than just apps through LeapFrog. The tablet connects to the internet, which makes it more like a real tablet, than a learning toy.

Easy to set up and use

Both kids customized their home screens quickly, and figured out how to go from one account to the other. They’re kind of masters at figuring out LeapFrog tablets at this point. What the best part of the Epic is from my perspective: I can add URLs for them to be able to explore, or I can set Parental Controls to the internet, and allow them to explore on their own, but in a kid-safe environment.

The kids? They love how long the battery lasts. It doesn’t have to recharge as often as other tablets. It’s kind of cool to snap photos with it, too. It’s 16 MB of memory is expandable up to 32 MB. With all the photos my kids take, we need a ton of memory. Oh, let’s not forget the nutty videos they manage to film! The two of them spend hours making videos, and then showing them to me and Mr. Sunflower. It’s pretty funny. Perhaps I’ve got some movie makers on my hands!

Once again, LeapFrog just incorporates feedback into their new products, and makes sure each new item they offer is better than the last. The kids couldn’t be happier with the LeapFrog Epic. Tons of storage, easy to use, and access to the internet to find YouTube videos for making more crazy bracelets. What more can any child ask for?

Well, besides another trip to Disney, of course!



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