Glade® Hawaiian Breeze scent helps soothe me in the snowy winter

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Growing up, I don’t remember having so many snow storms on Long Island. We weren’t getting snow days too often in the winter months, and when we didn’t use them in the winter, we got them tacked onto the warmer weather holiday weekends. I always loved getting the five day weekends for Memorial Day. Personally, it’s frustrating to live in an area with a lot of cold weather months, ice and snow. I’m much more suited to warmer climates, without humidity, but definitely warmer climates. However, my family is here, and I won’t leave them. I’ve got to muscle through the cold. The snow. The ice. Glade® Hawaiian Breeze scent helps soothe me in the snowy winter months. Imagine if you will those old commercials for Calgon. The lady in her bubble bath, and the line “Calgon take me away.” My Glade® Wax Melts Warmer has lots of different scents to “take me (& my kids) away. #MeltsBestFeelings #Cbias #shopMy kids on the other hand, they love the snow. They love the holidays with lots of cold weather, and snow. The scent of their father baking in the kitchen for the upcoming holiday festivities puts them at ease and they are both so much calmer, and centered when the baking smells start wafting through our home. It’s my goal to have the two of their little minds totally believing there is baking happening in the house, even when there isn’t anything happening in the kitchen and snow isn’t on the ground. Especially around bed time……so the Glade® Apple Cinnamon will be the scent of choice at bedtime. Right in the kitchen, let it filter through the house, and these kids will be passing out like nobody’s business!!! #MeltsBestFeelings #Cbias #shopWhile working in my home office, with snow glaring at me from my huge window, I’ll be moving the warmer to my window ledge so I can get intoxicated with the Hawaiian Breeze scent. Breathe it in, it’ll get me through my work day and that snow mocking me from my backyard. I’ll picture myself on a beach, sipping a little cocktail, and the kids playing in the ocean…..while I get lots of work done on that beach. At least the aroma of the tropics will keep me from getting totally bummed out when I’ve got to head back out into the cold. Too bad they don’t have the warmers for my car. #MeltsBestFeelings #Cbias #shop #MeltsBestFeelings #Cbias #shopThe husband usually does all of the grocery shopping for our family. On the rare occasion we need something, and I’m on my way home from bringing the kids to Jiu Jitsu, I do pass a Stop & Shop. It’s HUGE, and it has self check-out! It’s just up on a very high hill, and the wind whips around the parking lot, just SLAPPING me in the face with it’s coldness. However, sending him to pick out the perfect Glade® Wax Melt fragrances just wouldn’t go well. He’d come home with some crazy scent that would remind me of the winter, and cold. Who wants that? We needed milk for him, and the kids, so I braved the cold winds on that high hill, with the kids in their little Gi uniforms from Jiu Jitsu.

Let’s just say I was SUPER happy Stop & Shop had a decent selection fragrance selection in Glade® Wax Melts. The kids and I found Apple Cinnamon, Cashmere Woods and Hawaiian Breeze. We didn’t find either of the new Limited Edition Spring Collection fragrances, Live Loud and Lift Off. I’m hoping they get them in in time for the sale that’s going to be happening at Stop & Shop! February 21st through March 27th Real Deal Priced at $3.00 – normally the waxes are priced at $3.99. #MeltsBestFeelings #Cbias #shopWe walked in the house, and the first thing I did was tear open the box, pick out my Hawaiian Breeze was, put it up in our living room, plugged it in and let the #MeltsBestFeelings wash over me……of course, I had to open my eyes and make the kids lunch, but at least I had a few moments of tropical fun. Perhaps I should hang it around my neck, but I think the cord and switch would kind of keep me close to the electrical outlets….but isn’t it pretty to look at? So happy it’s blue – it matches much of my home’s decor! #meltsbestfeelings #cbias #shop

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  1. Sara Merritt February 12, 2014 at 6:20 am

    Staci, with all that snow on the ground I can see why you want to be transported to a more tropical destination! #client

  2. Ali February 13, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    I do love the shade of blue on the warmer! I think I need the Hawaiian Breeze variety, winter is LONG in Minnesota:) #client

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