How top brands keep customers coming back

Brand loyalty is a fierce and lasting force. Consumers find brands they like and stick with them, due to a product’s:

  • quality
  • range of use for its price
  • dependability
  • craftsmanship

Being treated well by a brand is important, too. A positive experience results in a lifelong buyer. One bad marketing decision, however, can result in losing customers, either temporarily or for good. Opinions, whether good or bad, formed by a parent might just influence their children when it comes time to make decisions about which brand to buy.

Keep customers coming back for more

How top brands keep customers coming back year after year

Many brands understand how to attract customers, but few know the fine art of bringing customers back for multiple purchases. Here are five companies that keep customers coming back.


An authority when it comes to tools and accessories, Dewalt has been a trusted brand since 1936 and is an excellent choice when it comes to outfitting a:

  • workshop
  • garage
  • toolbox

with state-of-the-art, sturdy products. Offering hand and power tools, storage containers, accessories like saw blades, tape measures, and more; Dewalt is a great resource for at-home and professional craftspersons alike.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a consumer’s go-to source when it comes to kitchen appliances like mixers, coffeemakers, and slow cookers. Founded in 1910, the company also distributes:

  • irons for garment care
  • air purifiers to make indoor air more breathable
  • gas grills for cooking out during the summertime

Passing their appliances from one generation to the next is not uncommon, thanks to it’s durability.


Klipsch is an industry leader in audio technology, including a wide variety of speakers, headphones, business music systems, and home theater products. Trusted by many since the company’s inception in 1946. Klipsch has superior sound quality products. Movie theatres across the country, as well as numerousHard Rock Café locations use Klipsch speakers.


Services FedEx is known worldwide for:

  • overnight shipments
  • free delivery of shipping supplies

Once known by its full-length moniker, Federal Express, the company is a clear leader among its competitors in shipping packages for domestic and international customers. Founded in 1971, it’s so well known, the name FedEx is synonymous with the method by which all packages are sent.


Best known, and fastest growing on this list: Amazon.com. Founded in 1994, it’s the youngest company on this list. The merchandiser began as—and remains—an online bookstore, as well as a source for clothing, electronics, housewares, and much more. Amazon.com offers great prices, an instant video service, and a wide selection of new and pre-owned goods guaranteed to pique the interest of shoppers worldwide.

Customers in search of brands they can trust and use for a lifetime are in luck with the aforementioned companies. The entities’ notable measure of success has made each brand a household name. Product reliability, resilience, and solid service keep customers coming back, whether they’re on their second purchase or longtime devotees who recommend only one brand to friends and family.

Author bio: Holly is a full-time student and TA studying towards her doctorate in literature and writing. She is an avid runner, blogger, and fashionista who blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves. 

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