Heading back to school with a little help from Momtrends

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Heading back to school with a little help from Momtrends is always a great start to the school year. Little Miss loves to have new, trend-setting goodies, to start off her school year. She’s heading into her final year of elementary school [give me a moment, I still can’t believe she’s going into fifth grade.] As much as I hate the idea of my baby girl growing up, it’s happening, and she’s a setter of trends. Definitely not big on following. We had to get her set up right for her final year in the only school she’s ever known…..

Heading back to school with a little help from Momtrends

Heading back to school with a little help from Momtrends

Mom’s peace of mind comes first, yo!

Vamousse Lice Defense for Back to School

Mama Sunflower needs to know November Sunflower Jr. isn’t going to be coming home with lice. She’s got long ass hair, and I don’t want to have to have her wearing a tight braid every day. It just hurts, you know? I’m more about allowing her hair to flow freely, but keeping it protected with the right lice repellents. I don’t want to load her head up with chemicalsVamousse lice shampoo, that’s not what I’m about. However, I want those little buggers to know who’s boss!

We’re all about using Vamousse products, including a lice treatment shampoo that’s gentle enough to use daily. It’s non-toxic, my friends. Instead of using harmful toxins, it uses Natrum Muriaticum (sodium chloride) and Eucalyptus Globulus. Vamousse attacks the adult lice’s lipid layer, so it becomes compromised, and then rapidly delivers the active ingredient to the louse, which ruptures the intestinal tract followed by dehydration. Sounds mean, but if you’ve had a lice scare in your life, it’s music to your ears!

Now, what Little Miss is looking forward to!

Nalgene Lunch Box Buddy Back to School

Organized lunches with Nalgene Lunch Box Buddy

Little Miss likes to bring salads, and fruits, to school. She’s never been big on sandwiches. It took forever for us to convince her to even try bread, and to this day, she won’t eat white bread. Which is fine, that garbage isn’t all that great for her, anyway. If she wants salads, and fruits, I’m all for it.

Over the years, we’ve had some issues keeping things cool in her lunch boxes. I’m hoping this year that’s not the case. She’s excited to be one of the first kids to try out the new Nalgene Lunch Box Buddy. Salads, and her fruit, should stay cool the whole day. Bonus? The frozen part can be adjusted, so we can have not just her regular salad cool, but also the fruit, cool, too.

Water bottles that don’t leak from Nalgene

Both kids are big water drinkers. I’ve always made it clear water is the best thing to drink when thirsty, even while playing sports. If you drink enough of it, it’s really all you need to drink throughout the day. We keep the sports drinks to a minimum, and occasionally I’ll throw a little frosted beverage their way. However, at the end of the day, water is our go-to for thirst quenching.

We go through a ton of water bottles, because a lot of them just leak. They open up while in transit, and water gets everywhere. When we found Nalgene water bottles, we were hooked. Little Miss is looking forward to bring two of them to school each day. One to bring out with her during lunch, and recess. Plus, her classroom one, she’ll leave on her desk, so she doesn’t have to head to the water fountain all day!

Our two favorite Nalgene water bottles for this coming school year

On the Fly is probably my favorite, because it latches closed. Helps keep the leaking to a rare occasion, instead of the standard routine that happens with a lot of other water bottles. It’s plastic, but BPA free, and it can go in the dishwasher. SCORE!

When it comes to lunch time, a wider mouth seems to be my daughter’s preference, so she’s all about the orange wide mouth Nalgene water bottle. I love that when she drops it, it hasn’t cracked. Plus, again, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. Everybody wins!

Yoobi school supplies

Yoobi School Supplies back to school

Little Miss can’t start the new school year without school supplies. Normally, we go to the local dollar store and stock up. However, since this is a big year for her, I splurged a little bit. However, I felt great about doing it, because buying Yoobi school supplies means we’re giving back!

Every item I purchased for Little Miss for her 5th grade school year, along with one thing for The Boy to start off his 3rd grade school year, means one item Yoobi donates to a classroom pack. The classroom pack is then donated to a classroom in need, chosen by Kids in Need Foundation. Pretty sweet, right? I thought so, which is why Little Miss is heading into 5th grade in absolute style, and setting trends this year.

Plus, the supplies are fun, and have a great message for kids.

Fashion for the upcoming school year

We don’t go nuts with new clothes for the school year. Little Miss is attached to quite a few of her pieces, and doesn’t have a desire to go out and purchase a bunch of new clothes. I’m happy she loves the clothes she’s got, and instead of spending a ton on clothes she doesn’t need, we pick one thing to buy that will “set her apart” from the crowd.

Our choice this year? Rain boots from Joules. Super cute, and I own grown up ones I’m in love with, so of course, Little Miss has to have a pair of her own! She’s a shoe nut, just like her mother. It’s one of the few things we have in common when it comes to fashion. Personally, I love them because they actually keep my feet dry. It just so happens they’re also really dang cute!


If you’ve got boys, don’t fret. They’ve got cute ones for boys, too! The Boy was happy to see them online.



Preserving years of school memories

Mabel’s Labels is known for, you got it, labels. We have them, we’ve reviewed themMabel’s Labels reviews, and now they’ve branched out! They’ve come out with one of my favorite items parents can get for their kids. It’s a My School Years Memory book. It’s got places for report cards, photos, and more. I love these kinds of books, because it keeps all the kids’ school memories together, without having stuff all over the house.

It’s the only memory book you’ll need from preschool through 12th grade. Every year has spots for photos, report cards, and large pockets to keep special pieces of artwork. I’m considering switching over to this, since I started a smaller one when the kids both started school. It’s not big enough, and if this had been available when both kids started school, I’d own it already.

Highly recommend getting one of these for each kid, even if they haven’t started school yet. You’ll kick yourself if you get it for one, and not the others! Trust me.



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