HELP ME!!! Circle of Moms Top 25 New York Moms who happen to blog

There’s something I need a little help with. You see, I don’t normally try to get votes for things, but when it comes to #CircleofMoms – I kind of want to put myself out there. It’s such a great website, and I kind of totally love being a part of it. It’s one of the few that I’m proud that I read regularly.

So I have a favor. Can you guys take a few minutes, for the next 14 days, to click on this link —> Top 25 New York Moms

Once you’re on the page, just scroll down to where you’ll see me and the kids, it looks like this:


Right next to our photo is a little blurb about me, and then at the bottom of my blurb, there’s a little heart, it says VOTE next to it. Click on that to vote. You’re done.

Super easy, super fast, and with any luck, if you do it each day, I’ll be much higher up on the page and you won’t have to scroll as far down to see me! It’s a win for all of us!


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