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Wedding weight loss transformations happen on Z Living’s show Altar’d, and an important episode plays on Valentine’s Day at 8 PM. Much of my life was spent overweight. Right before I was to be married, I was a little heavier again. I’d had Little Miss in November of 2006, and my wedding date was a mere 8 months later. Losing weight wasn’t a top priority, because I had a little one to care for. However, it was something important to me, as I wanted to feel comfortable in my wedding gown. Help would have been awesome. I didn’t get any, nor did I get much support.

Wedding weight loss transformations happen on Z Living's new show Altar'd

Wedding weight loss transformations happen on Z Living’s new show Altar’d

Weddings. Not just women want to lose weight, and transform, for their big day. Couples everywhere want to lose weight, get healthy, and be the best version of themselves not just for their wedding day, but for their new life together. I’d have loved helped getting myself to my “best” self for my big day. However, the Z Living network’s Altar’d wasn’t around then!

Lucky for couples like Natifah and Reggie, their amazing journey is being shown on Valentine’s Day, this February 14th at 8PM! Tension is high, as both are struggling with weight, as well as family history of health issues such as high blood pressure, and diabetes. Starting a life together means thinking about not just yourself, and your own health, but now, a life partner!

Who is there to help the couple

The concept of Altar’d is unique, because the couples separate for 90 days prior to their nuptials. Each couple is guided by the hosts, and fitness experts, Chris Marheka and Erin Stutland, throughout their 90-day transformations. Support is imperative when losing weight, and embracing a healthier way of life. Without support, it’s far too easy to fall back onto old habits. It’s happened to me, and I’m sure many others out there.

You need to have the right support system! Chris and Erin provide it to the couples, and Natifah and Reggie are in good hands on the Valentine’s Day episode airing at 8pm! You have to check it out. It’ll inspire you, and I’m sure you’ll be cheering at the television. I just cheered at last week’s couple! Yes, I know they can’t hear me through the television, but I can’t help it.

Tune into Z Living

Wedding weight loss transformations happen on Z Living's new show Altar'd

Were you aware Z Living is available on Dish, FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, Optimum and many more services? For my FiOS friends, you’ll find them on 162 without HD, but with HD go to 662! If you’re not sure what channel to find Z Living, make sure to visit the Z Living website, so you’re able to go straight to the right place on Valentine’s Day!

If you’re not going to be home, I get it, it’s Valentine’s Day, DVR it! Set it up NOW. Z Living. Altar’d. 8PM. 2/14/2017 (and every Tuesday night.)

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