I never wear a costume for Halloween

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Here’s the bold and honest truth: I hate Halloween. I never wear a costume for Halloween. As a kid, my mother use to have to force me to wear a costume, and go around the neighborhood begging for candy. Everyone said “when you have kids, you’ll love it.” They were wrong. I still hate it. Every year I find it a holiday filled with meltdowns, uncomfortable costumes for the kids, and just a waste of money. Last year Super Storm Sandy came and destroyed Halloween in many neighborhoods. I had to go to my mother’s neighborhood to bring the kids around to beg for candy. TORTURE.

Without fail, my kids bugs me to wear a costume, or to at least wear orange. I never do. If I could skip it each year, I would. I just never understood why people wanted to dress up like other people, or things. I certainly was happy being me, but they didn’t like it when I just walked up and asked for candy if I wasn’t dressed up. And so that’s my feelings about Halloween. Having kids didn’t change these thoughts in my head, and now I’m just forced to buy costumes, and bring the kids out to beg for candy!

Well, this year, since the kids aren’t expecting it, I’m going to dress up in orange and black. Of course, since I’m all about my legs, they are my finest body part, I’ve got to dress them up a bit. Around Long Island, sometimes it’s cold on Halloween, sometimes it’s hot as hell out there while going from house to house. However, when you throw on tights, or stockings, your legs are fine in cold, or warm climates. I’m confident Duane Reade is where it’s at for my leg candy for Halloween! I’m not looking for just simple tights/stockings, which I know everyone has. I want LEG CANDY action for my stems, and since I’m at Duane Reade so much, I know they’ve got not just the humdrum boring stuff……

#DrLegCandy #Cbias #Shop…..but also the kind of stuff that makes a girl want to wear short skirts all the time.

#DRLegCandy #CBias #ShopEven if you’re heading to a non-Halloween event, and you’re wearing a simple black dress, or whatever color dress you desire, Duane Reade can hook you up with amazing legwear. It’s all about showing off the best you have to offer.

#DrLegCandy #Shop #CBiasIf you think you’ve got a great pair of legs, or even if you don’t think you do, head over to Duane Reade’s Facebook page to find out how you can enter the Boo-tiful Legs Contest! It’s a simple entry, just uploading a photo for the Boo-tiful Legs Contest. You could win a great prize. Want to find out what prize, along with all the juicy details of the contest? Get your legs over to Duane Reade’s Facebook Contest now through November 3rd. Judging will start on November 4th!

The Boy wishes you….

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  1. Jenna M Wood October 13, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    What a fun contest. I never knew Duane Reade had such a selection of tights and leg wear. I just love the nice shimmer int he pair you picked out!

    • November Sunflower October 13, 2013 at 7:21 pm

      The contest will start soon. It’ll be on the Facebook page for Duane Reade!!! They had all kinds of tights, and I’m going to head back to get the polka dot ones…..love polka dots!

  2. Terri October 20, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    I know just what you mean – by the time we have the house and kids (sometimes pets) dressed for Halloween, a costume for Mom is the last thing on my mind. I love the idea of adding a bit of spooky spirit by dressing you legs with leg candy from Duane Reade! Those sparkly legs will really stand out!

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