iPad Pro protection with Urban Armor Gear

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What would be the perfect item to edit video with; write my articles for NovemberSunflower.com with; and keep up my influencing ways on social media? An iPad Pro, of course. After purchasing a new iPad, you quickly realize your new baby requires a kick butt case! You can’t rely just on the cover Apple has, that’s just to keep the screen safe. iPad Pro protection with Urban Armor Gear is an option for those who want to protect the rest of their tablet.

iPad Pro Protection Urban Armor Gear

Protecting my iPad Pro with Urban Armor Gear

Bulky cases aren’t my thing. I like lightweight cases. Cases that don’t make my tech bulky, and awkward to handle. However, a simple skin isn’t going to cut it, either. Mama Sunflower drops things. It’s who I am, I’ve learned to accept it. Since dropping tech isn’t a great idea, I choose lightweight, slim cases for all of my tech babies. Plus, I’ve managed to always fine pretty cases. My new iPad Pro Urban Armor Gear case is a beautiful cobalt blue, and I love it.

Unfortunately, the UAG case isn’t enough protection, since it doesn’t cover the screen. Fortunately, the UAG case does allow you to remove part of the side of the case, in order to use a Smart Keyboard. The Smart Connector makes contact, which means Bluetooth isn’t necessary. It also has a cute little spot to hold onto an Apple Pen if you’ve one for your iPad Pro! If you opt to get the Smart Keyboard, it’ll solve the issue of providing a cover for the screen. If you don’t, I’m not quite sure if this case would be an option.

Around the house

Let me start off letting you all know, I love the UAG Case for around the house. I’ve two kids who insist on bringing it to me when I leave it on one of the snack tables in the living room, or the kitchen table. They think they’re helping, but what they’re actually doing is causing me heart failure. Having the case on it eases some of my anxiety!

It’s also got a great stand, making it easier for me to have it on my desk during video chats. I also love having the stand when I want to watch my mobile TV on it, or a movie. It’s sturdy, and I don’t have to deal with folding over one of those horrible covers that slide. Don’t deny it, you all know those silly foldable covers slide!

Lack of screen cover

Now, let me give you a little different perspective. Personally, I can’t stand not having a cover on my iPad Pro when I travel. An exposed screen makes me nervous, because I travel often. When I travel, I need to put my iPad Pro into a bag. The last thing I want to do: put it in a bag with all my other travel gear, without a cover on the screen. It’s a recipe for disaster. However, since the Smart Keyboard is $169.00, I’m having an issue with the whole UAG case for travel purposes.

If you’ve the extra money after getting the Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro, I’d definitely purchase the UAG case. It’s a beautiful case, and they truly thought of ALMOST everything for the user:

  • huge cutouts so all the ports are open and easily accessed
  • camera cut out is large, and doesn’t compete with the camera lens on the tablet
  • the removable piece for compatibility with the Smart Keyboard, and would imagine a Smart Cover
  • it’s slim, with great gripping for hands

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It truly comes down to one simple thing: if you’re going to get the Smart Keyboard, plus an Apple Pen, you might as well spend a little more and get a killer case to keep the entire tablet protected. It’s worth the $79.95. Take the plunge, get the UAG Case and use it with the Smart Keyboard! You’ll love it. Especially if you love to watch movies on it. I mean, that iPad Pro screen is gorgeous.

It’s available on Amazon.com, if you want to check it out, and order it using my affiliate link, that would be a great support for me and my small business:

URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for iPad Pro, Cobalt

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