Nutrients without the sugar and additives for kids

Disclosure: Guess what? It’s review time. alternaVites® was nice enough to send me two sample packets of each flavor to taste. I received no monetary compensation, and just the two little packets each of the product so I could share what we thought of the flavors of this product. They’ll be providing the giveaway to one lucky winner. Nutrients without the sugar and additives is always a fantastic idea for kids!

Kids hate taking their vitamins. Adults aren’t huge fans of taking their vitamins. Parents aren’t thrilled with giving kids vitamins that are packed with sugar, and other additives. However, we’re told by the entire world that vitamins are necessary to ingest every day. It’ll only make all of us healthier, because our foods are so void of nutrition these days. It’s kind of depressing when you really think about it, so I choose to try to pack the kids full of whole foods, and load them up with whole fruits, and veggies. They get it in two doses each day, and that’s the end of it. I couldn’t bring myself to feed them gummies shaped like Disney characters, but were filled with sugar and additives. They can get that kind of stuff in the pre-packaged snacks they insist on not giving up.

nutrients without the sugar and additives

Nutrients without the sugar and additives

First thing’s first: I don’t give my kids multi-vitamins. As many of you know, they take a different type of supplement that’s based on whole foods. It’s just what we’ve chosen to do with them, and they seem fairly healthy. However, many parents do give their kids vitamins and I’ve heard many of my fellow parents state how unhappy they are that giving their kids vitamins packed with artificial garbage in them seems to defeat the purpose of the vitamins. Plus, the kids hate taking them. It’s always a battle in the mornings, and there are days it’s just not worth the battle.

Knowing all of this information made me wonder if there was a different kind of vitamin out there. A vitamin that had essential vitamins and minerals, but left out the sugar, and aspartame, and high fructose corn syrup!  Could there be a product that left out the artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners? Perhaps it would even be safe for those with food allergies to milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish? What if this same vitamin was not just GLUTEN FREE, but also Certified Kosher and vegetarian!

As luck would have it, alternaVites® KIDS is all of that, plus it tastes really good. There’s two flavors for kids, Strawberry Bubblegum and Raspberry Cotton Candy. I know they taste good because my son was more than happy to have me try the ones he was given. However, my normally generous daughter wouldn’t give hers up. Now this is shocking in a sarcastic way, and blowing my mind way.

nutrients without the sugar and additivesShocking the sarcastic way: my son didn’t like something that was good for him. How could this be? He’s just so about eating all these wholesome foods I give him, and healthy ones, too. HAHAAAA. Yeah right. If it’s green, or grows from the ground, he wants no part of it. He’s impossible. The crazy part to me is this: the alternaVites tastes like pixie stick candy. He loves that stuff, so I’m actually a little shocked he didn’t gobble this up and ask me for more. Which he’d have to wait until the next morning, because vitamins should only be taken as per the directions on the package!

Shocking in a blowing my mind way: Little Miss didn’t want to share. WHAT THE WHAT? She’s always one to share. Even when she loves something, she’ll share it. So for her not to pony up her alternaVites was crazy to me. However, it also showed me “normal kids, not ones like my pain in the backside son” will fall in love with taking their vitamins each morning.

If you’ve got adults in your life that hate taking vitamins, there are three flavors for the adults with the essential vitamins and minerals needed for adults. The Mixed Berry is the additional flavor, which I didn’t have the chance to try out, because I just got the two sets of KIDS flavors, but based on the other two flavors, I’m sure Mixed Berry is delicious.

Now kids, and adults can take the vitamins straight on their tongue like a pixie stick. There’s also the option of sprinkling them on things, or putting them into a shake. There’s options with these little beauties, so “hiding it” might work if you’ve got a son like my son. Just because he won’t take it like his sister does, doesn’t mean he didn’t get the benefits of it when I mixed it into his shake. HA. Take that!

Win alternaVites for your kids

Now comes the best part of this whole thing! ONE of you guys out there have the chance to win one box each of the Strawberry Bubblegum, and the Raspberry Cotton Candy. Just follow the instructions in the form below to enter to win! Good luck!!!

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