Paul Walker was more than his movie roles

Paul Walker

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People ask “Why’s everyone so upset about Paul Walker’s death? He was an actor, it’s tragic, but what’s the deal?” Quite simply, Paul Walker was more than his movie roles. He may have looked 100 percent Hollywood, but he was 100% not Hollywood. Fans felt his sincerity through the screen.

Walker didn’t define himself by his acting job

He worked, it was great, he made money. It was his job. He didn’t take himself seriously. He was humble, he knew he was lucky to have stumbled into this lucrative career. He knew he wasn’t his movie roles. He knew life was more than movies, acting, and the “glamor” of the Hollywood lights. Paul took all of the “fame” and put it to good use. He “gave back” in some of the most beautiful ways: as a father, a friend, and in my eyes, a humanitarian.

An ego never surfaced on a movie set. He was known for being respectful, and treating EVERYONE the same. He never turned down signing an autograph. On the day he died, at a charity event his ROWW organization was participating in, he took a ride with his friend and told people that wanted his autograph he’d “be back in five minutes” to sign autographs, and take more pictures. If only he’d stayed and done it, and decided against that final drive with his friend. Walker loved cars…..and we can’t really play the “what if” game, can we?

A full life in 40 years

He’d just turned 40 years old in September of this year. I would imagine, after his daughter had moved in with him to get to know her father a little more, it was probably the final thing that made his life utterly complete. He didn’t live his life “watching it pass by.” He was a big believer in living big, loving big, and never playing the “what if” game. It’s obvious his friendships meant the world to him. The outpouring of love shown through social media by those in the Hollywood community, has been some of the most beautiful expressions of adoration I’ve ever seen from the collection of stars he touched. I’m sure he wasn’t perfect, but seeing the love friends like Tyrese and Vin Diesel have shown since finding out about Paul Walker’s death, gives a clear picture of who the real Paul Walker was in his daily life.

Don’t let ROWW be forgotten now that Founder, Paul Walker is gone

Back in 2010, when Paul was helping out in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, he realized there was something lacking. There weren’t enough skilled helpers to physically help where needed. Instead of just shrugging his shoulders, and upon getting back to Hollywood put it out of his mind, he decided to stand up and ask his friends to help him. They created ROWW, otherwise known as Reach Out Worldwide. What does ROWW do?

Here it is right from their website: ROWW is a network of committed professionals with first responder skill-set (including project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, EMT, paramedic, firefighting, and healthcare, etc). The volunteers provide their expertise when disasters strike and augment local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts on a worldwide basis. ROWW has developed Standard Operating Procedures that facilitate arriving quickly, clearing access, providing basic necessities and medical assistance to ease the survivors’ pain and bringing hope in the bleakest of circumstances.

The day Paul died in the car crash with his friend, and driver of the car, it was at the tail end of a Toy Drive event his Reach Out Worldwide was involved in. ROWW was one of the sponsors putting the Winter Drive together. People attending the event said he was laughing, smiling and truly happy to be a part of the event. He loved seeing all the good being done.

Yes, he was known for his many movies, most notably Fast & Furious where he got to handle amazing cars, and street race in a controlled setting, for the movie. However, when I think about Paul Walker, I think about the bright light we lost on November 30, 2013. He was so much more than an actor in Hollywood.

He was a force of good. He was a father of a beautiful teenage daughter. He was a friend to so many. He was a son and a brother. He cared about the world he lived in. He was thankful for his good fortune, and grateful for his fans. He was all of this without most people even noticing it….he did it, and he did without shining any spotlights on any of it. All of what he did was quietly, and with tremendous sincerity.

Why do the good ones get taken when we so desperately need them in this world? I don’t quite know, but apparently there’s a bigger plan out there and Paul Walker couldn’t do as much being here physically, as he can from where he is now.

Rest in Paradise. You will be missed.

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