Pops of Yellow for this Sunflower

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I’m not fashion maven, that’s for sure. My normal daily attire consists of sweatpants, tshirt, and a sweatshirt. It’s a sad state of affairs, because I use to dress rather nicely…..before I left the corporate world to become a mother, and business owner (who works from home and rarely sees anyone.) However, sometimes I’ve got to pull out the stops! You know, @benononsense business woman in the blog world community!

It’s hard to find great items that are affordable, to add to my wardrobe without breaking my budget. That’s where No nonsense tights and leggings come into play! I’ve got a great wardrobe in my closet, but it needs some major updating and pops of color. Best way to get that done? A fantastic pair of tights, or leggings.

Since I don’t really do a lot of the shopping for our family out in the “brick and mortar” stores, I have to send my husband with instructions. It’s super easy to just tell him to look for No nonsense tights, get a great color, and I’ll make it work with my current clothing. Many times I just tell him to get YELLOW. I’m November Sunflower, most of wardrobe is black, the yellow kind of helps brand me without “branding” me.

If my husband can find them, and not want to curse me for what they cost, you know you have a winner with your tights brand of choice! Plus, I kind of think it’s cool that Jill Martin is coming on board as their brand ambassador. I mean, hello? She’s responsible for “Fashion for Dummies.” I’m a fashion dummy. It’s a perfect fit!

I wonder what Jill Martin would say about this outfit I totally love…………are the boots not a good fit? Should I wear flat heels instead? I hate high heels in the city. I’m just not going to walk that much in a high heel.

Pops of Yellow


Whenever I find a brand I love, I head to Facebook to look them up. It’s a must to follow No nonsense on Facebook . You’ll find the latest trends, the deals, and everything going on with the brand. Now that I spend more time in Twitter, I’ve learned it is an absolute must to also follow favorite brands on there, as well, so head over and follow No nonsense on Twitter, too!

No nonsense, in all honesty, is affordable, it’s easy to find at not just food and drug store, but also at mass retail stores, and they are COMFORTABLE. If I have to put on real clothing, instead of my sweats, I’m heading for these tights.

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  1. Lynsey @MoscatoMom January 26, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    I remember wearing tights as a little girl and never in a million years would I think I would be wearing them as an adult. BUT – I got a few great pairs for review a few months ago, paired them with some knee high boots and dresses and voila – tights lover again.

    • November Sunflower January 26, 2013 at 4:28 pm

      I know. I was super hesitant. Mostly because they scratched me as a kid. But these days, they feel really soft. I’m a fan!

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