Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk: ReStore Discount Building Materials

habitat for humanity at ReStore

Whenever I come up with a great plan to dive into some home renovations, my first thought is: Sh*t, this stuff is expensive! Where can we save money, without sacrificing quality? Sales at stores can only get you so far, and discount stores aren’t always the best place to truly save major cash. The answer, here on Long Island, is the Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County’s ReStore.

ReStore – Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County

Have you ever walked into a local building materials store, or hardware store, or a chain home supply store, and want to cry at the prices? I have, often. No joke. Even if you just want to replace a faucet in the bathroom, you’ve got to sell a lung to be able to afford it. It’s expensive enough to live on Long Island, and we all need to find a little help saving major cash, without having to give up on the quality of a product. You cannot go wrong if you check out Habitat for Humanity’s RESTORE.
Saving money is a huge benefit, but at ReStore Discount Building Materials, you’re also raising money for Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County.  YES, my friends, you get discounted products while helping someone else in need. How can you not check it out?
Sometimes Long Island has a huge heart, and knows how to save a buck!


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