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high quality Halloween costumes for kidsHalloween. It’s no longer a one day thing. There’s parties, parades and multiple festivities requiring quality Halloween costumes. When I was younger I never actually liked Halloween. As an adult, still don’t like it. HOWEVER, I have two kids now and they love it. Mommy now has to embrace this fabulous holiday and feign excitement. I have to tell you, this year, I’m a bit more excited. Mainly because my daughter’s costume is so darn cute.

Focusing on quality Halloween costumes for the kids

Last year Little Miss was a witch, and looked so cute in her costume. We still have her hat from the costume. However, this year, she’s excited to sport a high quality Orange Butterfly Costume fromCostumeSupercenter.com and it’s TOP NOTCH baby!Orange Butterfly

Dressing up for Halloween decision

I asked my daughter what she wanted to be this year and she had no ideas. She’s obsessed with butterflies. I searched through Costumesupercenter.com for SOMETHING resembling a butterfly, thinking who would have a girls insect costume, right? It’s not a huge draw for girls to want to be a bug. Even if butterflies are a pretty bug, I figured no one would have anything for us. I WAS WRONG!

The selection at Costumesupercenter.com was great. Shockingly, more than one butterfly costume existed. If she didn’t like the butterflies, other insects were available: lady bugs and bumblebees. Adorable. The prices, compared to other high end costume sites: reasonable. You get a lot in your little bag of tricks for the price.

Butterflies for the win

My daughter chose from two different orange butterflies, one was the Orange Butterfly and the other was the Girls Monarch Butterfly. Both were beautiful. The clincher for her: a pretty want. She also liked the little antennae and little poofs for her shoes. Plus, the price was under $30. WAHOOOOOO. I never want to pay more than $30 for a Halloween costume for her when she goes all girl on me. I can’t re-use it for our son.

Price truly is worth the quality

Trust me, I’m sure you think $30 is a lot for a costume, but I don’t. I’ve purchased ones in the store for much less, however, they fall apart before Halloween even hits. Plus, they don’t fit well. Many are made of a flimsy material. What irks me is when she needs to wear a costume more than once, and after her first go around, it’s falling apart because it couldn’t withstand a little beating from a kid. NOT THE CASE with this Orange Butterfly. As soon as it arrived, she tried it on. I didn’t buy the tights, or shoes. There was no need to buy anything else, because we have black tights and black shoes.Orange Butterfly Wings

Easy to put on

Little Miss was able to put the costume on all by herself and came out looking fabulous. Turned around and revealed the back. This was my ONLY issue with the costume. NOT ENOUGH VELCRO on the back to keep it closed up. There’s large areas where the costume is open. Quick fix: put her dance leotard under the costume. It might be because my daughter’s size is a bit awkward. It’s a bit snug on her, but that’s my fault for not getting the size up.

Designed well

The GENIUS part about this costume: it opens on the bottom. It’s sort of like the onesies kids wear. Why is this genius? Any parent who has to take their kid to the bathroom on Halloween knows the ENTIRE COSTUME usually has to come off when it’s a one piece deal. TOTALLY STINKS. Takes forever. At the end of a bathroom visit you’re sweating like a pig and your kid never looks the same. With this, you just un-do the velcro, pull off the tights and she’s good to go. LOVE IT. Did I say this was GENIUS? Well, I’m saying it again. GENIUS.

Butterfly Antennae

Attention to details

The costume is great quality.

  • the material is synthetic, but not itchy
  • fluffy neckline is super soft and comfy

The glitter from the skirt, and wings, is all over our home, but who cares. That’s life with a little girl! I love the wand. She’ll be playing with it for YEARS. A wand like this is something a person would pay $15 for. The little antennae are on a headband, and are poofy and full. The little shoe poofs are super poofy and BOTH the antennae and shoe poofs mix in the orange, so it sort of sparkles when it hits the light. SO CUTE.

It’s all about the wings

The wings come separately, another genius move. Other costumes in stores have wings attached to the outfit; super flimsy; and, plain garbage. Little Miss has top notch wings, and she’ll use them for dress up with her wand long after Halloween. Detachable wings benefit: she can take the wings off at a party, because who wants to be hit with wings all night? Shoe Poofs

My daughter will wear this costume to:

  • a few parties
  • her school’s parade
  • for trick or treating
  • dress up after Halloween

Totally worth the $27.99 I spent. It’s going to hold up, it’s beautiful, the details are amazing. Two thumbs up with this item, just wish the back was a little more velcro-ed up.

We’re excited for Halloween this year…..now, if only The Boy could figure out what he wants to be. Changes every day. Mommy’s going to have to decide for him, and purchase it from Costumesupercenter.com!

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