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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.EZ Sox LogoEZ Sox help kids become more independent when dressing themselves. It’s something our home needs, for sure. Unfortunately, my daughter is four, and still has trouble pulling her socks up. I’m thinking it’s probably because some of her socks are just super tight. My son, he can take them off without any problems. Actually pulls them off from the heel, not by the toe. He puts the freshly removed socks inside of his sneakers. I should be happy, right? He just chooses to take them off when I’m running late and have no time to WAIT for him to put them back on. Just a menace!

Saving my sanity with EZ Sox

EZ Sox are adorable. Kids have a variety of choices:

  • white bunny
  • pink pig
  • green frog
  • purple cat
  • grey cat
  • red lady bug
  • black penguin
  • tan teddy bear
  • sort of a khaki t-rex
  • solid colors

GENEROUSLY, EZ Sox sent a bunny pair for my daughter, and a green frog pair for my son. SO CUTE.

What’s so great about EZ Sox?

The unique part about these socks, the reason why they’re being labeled as “The I Can Do It Sock”the little reinforced loops at the top of the socks. They allow little fingers to gain a good grip when pulling the socks on. The animals on them, cute as they are, also serve a purpose! It alerts kids to which side of the sock goes on the top of the foot, and which side is the bottom. It’s an actual issue in our house. My daughter struggled for a while and always complained her socks “felt funny” when she dressed herself.

It took me awhile to “let go” of dressing my kids. People would look at me in shock and say “you’re still dressing your kids” every morning? Isn’t your daughter able to do that herself? It shocked me that at the age of 3 she was suppose to know how to do all of this all by herself. I need to get things done quickly each morning. We’re late risers and we’re always running late. The part that hung us up EVERY MORNING when I finally let her dress herself: putting on socks. Drove me BANANAS.

I’d get frustrated, she’d give up because I wasn’t giving her the encouragement she needed. Just a mess. Now for my son, it’ll be a little different. We’ll make more progress and he’ll be doing it all himself by three, perhaps earlier than that!

Trying on EZ Sox

Ease of using the socks

Thankfully, it’s easy for kids to pull these little socks on once they get the hang of it. My daughter, being four now, figured it out rather quickly. She wants to use them for around the house because she noticed it has grips on the bottom. I’ve got solid wood floors, regular socks are slippery and these are going to be her new “favorites” for the house. I’ll have to get a darker color, the white bunny won’t be staying white too long. Needless to say, I’m not the best floor cleaner out there!

As for The Boy, it took him a couple of tries. Watching his sister helped him get the hang of it. He wasn’t understanding he had to put his fingers in the loops and pull up. However, after watching his big sister, he got it. Luckily, he’s now into the color green, and wants to wear the green frogs all the time.

The socks come in sizes good for kids from 2 years to 5 years, or if you want to go by shoe size, anywhere from 4 to 12 years of age. They’re super comfy. I was thinking they might be nice for someone with arthritis if they had them in larger sizes!EZ Sox for kids

Big hit in our house

EZ Sox are a big hit for my kids, and for me! We’ve had them now for just about four days, and my children have wanted to wear them every day. My son went into the laundry bag, and brought them to me. He sat down, pulled off the socks and shoes on his feet, and put the dirty EZ Sox on and ran away. As for my daughter, she wouldn’t take them off for two days. When she finally did, she asked if Mommy could wash her “new funky socks” so she could wear them again. My kids are in love with these crazy socks. Now, I’ve got to buy some more for them!!

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