Achieving the family photo with a few tips from Shutterfly.com

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Let me be brutal here: I HATE having pictures taken of me. It’s TORTURE for me. You should have seen me on my wedding day. It’s actually why I had a photographer do mostly candid shots that day, with minimal “posed” shots. It saved me from the torture for most of the day.

The torture known as the family photo

Fast forward to our first, real, family photo session with me, Mr. Sunflower, Little Miss, and The Boy. Throw into the mix a very uncooperative dog, a.k.a. THE PUG. Here’s another added bonus: it was HUMID as hell out and my cousin, Danielle, was the photographer. She told me we HAD to wear the same colors…..REALLY? The only color we all had, which is not surprising, was light blue. However me, Mr. Sunflower, and The Boy only had long sleeve shirts. Shoot me.

Then my cousin told me we had to wear similar colors on the bottom, too. WHAT? I told her she was nuts. All we had for Mr. Sunflower and The Boy: long pants.

Our lakeside photos

Our home is on a lake, and we figured it was the best place to take family photos. We didn’t realize the mosquitoes would be out in full force BEFORE dawn. What’s with these mosquitoes? Our family was fine, because, well, long pants and sleeves for most of us. However, my cousin and her kids were eaten alive. Hard to take photos when the mosquitoes are eating the photographer.


  • humidity
  • mosquitoes
  • long sleeve shirts
  • long pant
  • two kids
  • a dog

My cousin managed to take amazing photos. We got crazy shots, of course, but we got some amazing pictures, too. Choosing the best photo as “THE ONE” family photo, I just couldn’t. I ended up doing a collage. It was a photo gift for myself. Not surprisingly, the collage was done at Shutterfly.com. It came out great!

With all the amazing photos, I also decide to use a couple of the shots on our holiday cards, along with making two photo books for my parents and Nana. All of them came out amazing!

When I look at the collage every day as I walk down the hall of my home, I always stop and enjoy one of the shots just a little bit more than all the others………

Family Photo

Shutterfly.com is a fantastic place to get your holiday cards and this holiday photo shoot page has tips to help customers get great pictures, and cards.

Shutterfly wants you to open up your mind and creativity! Brainstorm with friends and family, figure out the best way to capture the images you want for your holiday cards. It’s about getting away from the boring MANTLE pictures and capturing your family’s personality and spirit.

Just so you don’t think ill of me, I will give you a shot of us from the front, we wouldn’t want to leave you with our backsides, now would we?

Little Miss and Mommy


The Boy and his Daddy

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