Sleeping with my new Thunder 1.0 takes a little getting used to

Remember back in December of 2015, I started using a new pillow, to help improve my sleep? He goes by the name Thunder 1.0. After sleeping with Thunder, I’m here to give a little update on how Bedgear’s Thunder 1.0 is affecting my journey to improve my sleep. Sleep is the most essential part of your health, no joke. Without a good night’s sleep, your body can’t recover and heal. If you’re like me, you can’t think straight after just a couple of minutes of sleep. So, is Thunder helping me? Let’s find out.

Sleeping with my new Thunder 1.0 takes a little getting used to

Sleeping with my new Thunder 1.0 takes a little getting used to

I won’t even try to make myself look good here, because I truly am straight up dumb for not knowing how to use the pillow properly. All of you can zip it with your “how can you use a pillow wrong?” talk. Listen up, I’ve slept with three pillows under my head for years. I cannot remember the last time I didn’t call the front desk of a hotel and ask for more pillows, so I could sleep with three pillows under my head without stealing everyone else’s pillows! Getting comfortable just wasn’t possible without the support. I still slept like garbage, but for some reason, I did it anyway.

Well, when I got Thunder 1.0, I just threw it on top of the pillows I had been using. It didn’t even occur to me to get rid of the other pillows and only use my new Bedgear pillow. I attribute my bonehead move to lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can do a lot of damage to your brain, and this was a prime example of “the stupid” that can happen when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. I emailed Bedgear, because the pillow was making no difference in my sleep. I’ll give it to them over there, the response to my email wasn’t a gigantic “HEY, DUMB ASS, just use the Bedgear Thunder 1.0.”

All of you can stop laughing at this point, I completely know how ridiculous the entire episode of idiocy was, but I had to share it, because you know what? Others might do the same thing. If you sleep with multiple pillows at night, why would you think removing all of them and just use one pillow? You’d just get rid of one of the older pillows, and plop the new one on top. All of us out there doing that would be wrong, and now I’m here to confirm to everyone, it’s not the right way to use the Bedgear line of pillows!

Once you’ve got the hang of it…..

Once the logistics are out of the way, and you’ve the hang of properly using Thunder 1.0, it’s an adjustment. Which is what I’m experiencing right now. The one thing I do notice right away? Not having 3 pillows under my head has helped with my neck. It’s not stiff when I wake up each morning. Apparently, three pillows is not optimal for sleeping. Slowly, I’m learning what’s best for my body, and for my sleep. It’s all happening thanks to a little pillow I thought was total nonsense. It’s not nonsense.

I’m also super excited to report, I don’t need to flip my pillow at night anymore. I hate a hot pillow, and the design of Thunder 1.0 means a cool pillow all through the night. So, all good things being experience so far. Let’s see how I progress! I’ll keep you posted.

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