St. Baldrick’s childhood cancer charity

I’ve lost many loved ones to cancer. Young, old and all the ages between. Whenever I hear of another child getting cancer, it makes me really wonder “what the hell? How can life be so cruel?” Sometimes I’m lucky enough to meet the kids who’ve been stricken with cancer, and my gosh….the strength, wisdom, and never-ending Faith they posses. It gives me all the more reason to give to a childhood cancer charity. Well, not just one, but many of them.

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Sky Zone helping raise funds for St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer charity

If you’re on Long Island, make a point to head down to Sky Zone in Deer Park TODAY, April 7th, between the hours of 4:30 P.M. and 8:30 P.M. They’ll be donating 20% of all jump tickets to St. Baldrick’s. Even more fun? They’ll be activities like head shaving, a silent auction, putting contest and a slam dunk contest.

I know, I know. It’s a Monday night. Kids have school the next day, and activities at night. My own little girl has lacrosse practice on Monday nights, so I get it. I know it’s rough to get down to a trampoline park on a weekday if you don’t live super close to Deer Park – but if you can’t go, at least spread the word!!!

Plus, if one of the kids needs a haircut, it might be worth it to head down and shave his head and give him an hour of bounce time to make it up to him! Spring is here (I hope.) It’s time for those shorter haircuts, right??!!!!

Consider heading down, giving to the St. Baldrick’s childhood cancer charity and you never know, you might just win one of their contests?!!!

If you need information about where Sky Zone is, or how much an hour of jump time is, please head over and check out my article from earlier this year!


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