Superpoints ROYAL FAIL

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Superpoints was one of my favorite point earning sites. It was easy to use, easy to earn, and I was excited to be earning paypal cash with them. Unfortunately, Super Storm Sandy made sure that I lost out on $100 PayPal Cash. Well, it was both Superpoints and Sandy’s faults. Superpoints decided to close up shop, without letting any of its users know.

It’s the most disgusting display of unprofessional behavior I have seen in a long time. No other point site has ever closed up shop, without a heads up, and a chance to redeem the points you earned. To do it around the holidays, when people were counting on that money for their kids to be able to have some kind of holiday celebrations.

However, it doesn’t mean all point sites are evil. There are so many out there that are legit. Amazing ones that I’ve been using for years, and trust. I’ve got a full list of sites that can still be used to help you afford your holiday traditions. Please, head to my list –> Point Earning Sites

Thanks to a loyal reader, I have also learned of a new site, InstaGC. It’s another amazing way of  how do i get amazon gift cards. You can earn points, and redeem them instantly. Even if it’s just ONE DOLLAR. Plus, there are other gift cards, like Target and Kohl’s.

Don’t let Superpoints sully the name of legit point earning sites. Go and earn your hearts out on all my favorite point earning sites! We’ve all got holiday shopping to do!

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  1. Emma December 3, 2012 at 11:48 am

    Hi staci, i’m with you superpoints failed big time =( you should try gifthulk! it’s much faster

    • November Sunflower December 3, 2012 at 11:53 am

      I’ve been with GiftHulk for a long time. Did a lot of posting about them through the last year. Love them!!!

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