12 09, 2012

PART THREE Disney Cruise Line Debacle: The Meeting

By | 2015-02-19T18:58:51-05:00 September 12, 2012|Reviews, Travel|2 Comments

Disney Cruise Line not only put my kid at risk, they actually think they don't have to do anything more than say an insincere "sorry" and throw a couple of stuffed toys at my kids, and all will be okay.......INSANITY.

11 09, 2012

PART TWO Disney Cruise Line Debacle: Child Safety is NOT their top priority

By | 2015-02-19T18:59:06-05:00 September 11, 2012|Reviews, Travel|16 Comments

Disney never offered any kind of resolution. They DID NOT ASK ME ONCE how we could work together to make this wrong into a right. They assumed I was after money. Boy, were they completely off base. However, no one asked me what they could do to make it right, they just kept thanking me for my feedback - instead of offering a way to bring some kind of resolution. Disney Cruise Line FAILED at keeping my daughter safe, and at customer/guest relations. Our story is being shared, so that others can be vigilant if they decide to take the Magic.