Tinker Bell has invaded our #DisneyPaintMom home

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Disney Glidden Paint Tinker Bell

It’s my own fault. Honestly. Once I have a theme, I go kind of hog wild…….or in this case, Tinker Bell wild. However, it’s quite alright. Little Miss loves her newly done room, and spends a lot of time in there. It has caused her brother some issues…..he feels left out, and he wants his room done up with something Disney. Now I’ve got that to worry about for his big 5th birthday in November. I have no one to blame, but…….Disney and Glidden. HAHA, you thought I was going to blame myself, right? What fun would that be?!!!

Glidden Glow Paint Tinker Bell

After Little Miss chose the Ready, Set, Glow! specialty paint, I went into a bit of a panic. I wasn’t quite sure how we would put Tinker Bell all over her walls……I can’t draw, and I wasn’t going to drag my poor artistic mother over here to free hand Tinker Bell all over the walls in glow in the dark paint. I began to freak out, and then I remembered I could go to DisneyPaint.com. When I first started checking out the paints, I had visited the site, and saw they had a whole section dedicated to how-to videos. On the site, you can click on ROOM PAINTER, and it brings you to this magical little world (not unlike Disney World itself, only paint inspired.) Lucky me, there’s a Room Ideas area. Guess what? Disney Fairies are one of the main themes you can work with! SCORE!!!!

Once I clicked on the Disney Fairies, it brought me to a fantastic area of the site, where I could pick all the colors I wanted from the palette for the fairies theme. I chose the purple that closest fit my daughter’s already purple walls. And then I clicked on Room Ideas. BEST PLACE EVER. You can choose one of the ideas they have, and it pops up on the little room on your screen!

DisneyPaint.com Tinker Bell

It gets better! Once I figured out what I liked, I realized I could print the room plan out! Why is this so fabulous? Honestly?!!! It had every damn stencil you could possibly imagine for the tinker bell themed rooms! I just clicked each room idea, chose the shapes I loved: Tinker Bell with her wand, Tinker Bell without her wand, butterflies, and a dove. I just printed out the stencils I wanted, and we were in business!

What I liked on this site was how they had How To videos for the various finishing paints. I never would have known to paint the stencils with a little sponge…..SHUT IT! I don’t do stenciling, EVER. I figured I’d be able to just use a brush! Not quite. I also wouldn’t have known to do a base coat of white, so that the glow paint would work better.

Glidden Sponge Painting Tinker Bell

Our plan for the room? Build my daughter a little Tinker Bell corner, by moving her bed into a different position, creating a little “private” corner for her to enjoy her Tinker Bell world. She’s loved Tink since she could walk, and over the last 6 years, has collected so much, it’s insane. We had plenty to put in her little Tink nook, and more!

Once we moved the bed, we decided not to get all out crazy with the painted Tinks. We had decals on the wall of Tinker Bell, and her fairy friends. We chose to place the stencils along two walls, so it would create a cute decoration for her nook. We also chose not to put the white on the walls first, because I wanted it to be “subtle,” not an all out glow factory in her room. She’s got the brightest room in the house, and the glow paint would be charged up a lot more than 15 minutes a day…..I was a bit nervous about it lasting longer than 5 minutes at night at bedtime.

Tinker Bell Nook with Glidden Paint

The stencils I found on the DisneyPaint.com site worked great. We printed them, cut them out on card stock, and taped them to the walls. I used a sponge roller to roll the paint onto the walls, and we only needed two coats to make it work! We even found a cute image of Blaze, her lightning bug buddy, and made his butt glow with three coats of glow paint! SO CUTE! It’s the kids’ favorite part.

Glidden-Stencil Fun Tinker Bell

Everyone who comes over has to see Blaze’s glowing butt.

Blaze Butt Glows Tinker Bell

We did some glow paint in a “free hand” kind of way. First we traced around two decals Little Miss wanted to make “glow,” and then free hand painted within the traced shape. Since it was going behind the decal, we didn’t mind how it looked with the paint brush. After it dried, which took much less time than the four hours it says on the can, I went over it with the sponges to even it out more.

Glidden Painting Tinker Bell

Little Miss loved the whole process of moving her bed, making the little nook, and loved how the stencils worked. She wants to do more, and we may even do some with white paint, and the glow paint over it……IF she’s a good girl! The only issue is, the paint is a bit “sticky.” The rollers worked well, but when you use a sponge, it can be a bit hard to get good coverage. It just takes a very slight hand with the sponge…..and I’m not the best at being “gentle,” but after a few tries, I got it happening!

My big let down? I can’t get the glow action on video, or on camera!!!!! No matter what I do to get the pictures, or the video, all I get is BLACKNESS. Even though the images are glowing, and rather well on darker purple walls…..not able to get a good image while they are glowing in the dark.

If anyone out there knows how I can achieve this, PLEASE let me know!!!!!! I want to share how cool it looks on her walls.

I get a great photo with the flash on in the pitch black…..however, it’s not really helping me show the GLOW factor! UGH.

Glidden DisneyPaintMom Tinker Bell

My son’s laughing at Blaze’s glowing butt. However, flash going off makes it look like it’s daylight out! UGH!!

PS-Don’t think this is the final product, my friends! I can’t reveal the FINAL product just yet! We’ve got a party to throw, and a big reveal to do in “the Tinker Bell nook.” Stay tuned……………

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