Toy Story 3 Action Links Stunt Sets

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Toy Story 3 Stunt Set

A few months ago we got the chance to host a Mix Pups In Home Party with my little girl as the host. You can read about that here –> Mix Pups Party Experience. Well this time, it was my son’s turn to play the host for an In-Home Party for Mattel’s Toy Story 3 Action Links Stunt Sets. Toy Story 3 inspired the toys. Kids re-create their favorite scenes right in their own home!

Excitedly, I opened up a HUGE box filled with FIVE Action Link Stunt Sets:

  • Evil Dr. Porkchop Attacks
  • Jessie to the Rescue
  • Buzz Saves the Train
  • Sunnyside Breakout Deluxe Playset
  • Junkyard Escape Stunt Set

Toy Story 3 Buddy Packs

Along with the five stunt sets, they gave me 10 Buddy Packs to give to all the boys who attended the party. Each one came with two different figurines from the Toy Story 3 movie.

Bringing the boys together for the Toy Story 3 Stunt Sets party

I quickly assembled my “boy brigade” of 5-8 year olds. Everyone had seen the movie and were totally looking forward to the toys. The night before the party, I set everything up. I didn’t realize how labor intensive it would be. Getting everything out of the boxes was easy, putting the action sets together wasn’t. The directions aren’t easy to follow, and I ended up just looking at the beautiful boxes to figure it out.

The big day arrived, and the first thing I did was feed the boys. However, the boys couldn’t stand waiting for long. I’ve never seen so many kids eat so fast in my life! Everyone finished and right down to the toys they went. They tackled the table of toys. Before anyone could play, pictures first. I can’t be sure, but I think one of the boys almost fainted from anticipation.


Ready to play

Eventually, I let the kids loose, and they attacked the table of action sets. Amazing seeing how much they loved every stunt set. The first thing they all wanted to do: test each stunt set out! After playing on each set, they decided to put every set together. Kids and parents got to work. We connected the stunt sets into one huge stunt set!

Each set is great alone, you can get everything to work rather well. It takes a bit of work to make the whole stunt sequence happen smoothly.

Toy Story 3 Stunt Set


Our biggest culprit: the Junkyard Escape Stunt Set. After much trial and error, we eventually got it working right. The claw thing comes down, however, if it doesn’t get wound just the right way, it doesn’t hit the next part. If it doesn’t hit the next part, you’re stunt ends without the big finish. Once we did it a few times, we finally made the whole thing work. (Witness our “claw” issue, click here–> Our “claw” issue.)

Watch the video of the entire stunt spectacular here –> And the Crowd Goes Wild!

Parents are necessary for the sets to work seamlessly

It says it’s good for ages 5 to 8. If you’re kid is five year old, you’ll have to help A LOT in the beginning. Be prepared to help out with the Sunnyside Breakout Deluxe Playset (there’s a part of it that kids will have trouble setting back up that goes along a “zip line.”) The Junkyard Escape Stunt Set (timing is everything.) The other stunt sets seem to be easier for kids to use without assistance. Everyone loves the stunt set with the car that splits apart: Evil Dr. Porkchop Attacks.

All the toys are nicely made. If your kids are hard on toys, these should hold up well. My daughter also loved the sets, so don’t think it’s just for boys!

Toy Story 3 Stunt Set

Toy Story 3 Dr Evil

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  1. Danielle November 27, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Great review!!! There was nothing about the camera problem, but you got good photos and the video came out great too!

    • November Sunflower November 28, 2010 at 11:16 am

      I didn’t put anything about the camera snafoo. Figured I’d leave it out! LOL. I’m sure the company would have loved your pix from your camera, though. My camera ones stunk. If I had a better camera, I’d have such amazing pix of my kids…oh well.
      Thanks for coming, I’m so glad Z had a good time!!!!

  2. Sofia's Ideas November 28, 2010 at 7:22 am

    OMG! That looks like a ton of fun! My lil’ ones would have loved to have been there too! How cool!

    • November Sunflower November 28, 2010 at 11:16 am

      All the more reason to move your butt back up here, girl! Plus you’d be closer to your brother…..just saying!

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