Using a dedicated email address for cash and point earning

Many ask what I do when I sign up for websites to earn me points, cash or free stuff. Specifically, how do I handle signing up for some of the offers to earn points, cash and free stuff. It’s simple: a dedicated email address.

A dedicated email address saves time, and keeps you organized

Use one dedicated email address for the offers you aren’t always interested in, but sign up to earn the points, cash or free stuff.

I have one email set up for:

  • points earning sites
  • cash earning sites
  • free stuff websites

When I sign up for offers, I use the dedicated email address. Why? It funnels everything through ONE EMAIL. None of the “junk email” infringes on my personal emails and my business emails. This includes DAILY DEAL sites I’m a part of.

I check this dedicated email address once or twice a day. Unimportant things are deleted, and focus on the point earning emails, as well as the cash earning, ones.

My personal emails, along with business related emails, go to two separate dedicated email addresses. One for PERSONAL emails, and one for BUSINESS emails. No point, or cash earning emails “clog up” my personal email/business emails.

Surveys deserve a separate dedicated email address

If you do surveys, dedicate a totally separate email for signing up for survey sites. I don’t do surveys. The time invested doesn’t warrant the small amount of money I earned. If you do them, you want an email just for surveys. It gets out of control if you’re involved in a lot of them. It’s best to keep that all separate!

SO that’s my trick for not getting your personal email clogged up with your money, point and free stuff earning!!!

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