VTech® Flipsies™ Clementine’s playset REVIEW ***Giveaway Ended***

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Have you met the VTech® Flipsies™ girls yet? Little Miss has been lucky enough to have a chance to not just meet, but play with and now OWN her very own Flipsies dolls. What I love the most about the dolls, beyond the MagicPoint™ technology, which allows them to interact with Little Miss? Well, the fact is, The Boy likes the dolls, too. These dolls want to be things like bakers, doctors, teachers and marine biologists. Boys can relate to that, not just girls, right?!!!

VTech Flipsies Clementine Playset

VTech® Flipsies™ Clementine’s Birthday Party & Bakery playset

Clementine has aspirations of becoming a baker. Her playset doesn’t just have a birthday party aspect to it, but also a bakery she owns, and operates. There’s three magic points on the playset, and it lets Clementine live out her dream of becoming a baker. I kind of love her wig, and big glasses, for when she’s a baker! It’s really super cute, and since there’s a few different MagicPoint locations, she can have a friend come and interact within the playset, too. Luckily, Little Miss also got Sandy, who wants to be a Marine Biologist.

Both kids had hours of fun interacting with the playset, and the different dolls in the playset. Little Miss loves the bakery part, and The Boy, well he loves the Birthday Party playset. I think it has to do with the fact that both of the kids’ birthdays are coming up! Who knows with that one, but I do know he totally loves Sandy when she’s got her blue wig on. Just like mommy, he loves blue.

What does Little Miss think about her future and the VTech® Flipsies™ dolls

In honor of the VTech® Flipsies™ dolls, and the fact that they are all about living their dreams, Little Miss and I sat down to do a little interview. I grilled her on what she wants to be in the future, when she’s older, and is considered an “adult.” She kind of almost made me cry with her answer…..

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