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Walgreens Sign

It’s Summer. No more school for the little ones. No more homework to deal with……..OH, but wait. LOL. Sorry, what’s this huge packet of papers the Kindergarten teacher sent home with Little Miss? YAY. Things to do over the summer vacation so she doesn’t “forget” how to read, write, and do simple math. WHOOPIE. Can’t wait. And what’s this? Keep a journal for the summer? Take it everywhere we go, so we can write in it? AWESOME. Just what every mom wants to see when starting summer vacation! BRING. IT. ON.

Walgreens Journal


Walgreens savings

What does this mean, besides it being a royal pain in the backside for good ol’ mom? Little Miss needs a notebook. Not just a notebook, but one that is small enough to fit into our luggage when we actually go away on our first family vacation EVER. Outstanding. Where do we get one? Looks like a trip to Walgreens is in order! Let’s check out the sales happening, and make a list. Besides the notebook, we’re running low on a few other things.

Walgreens Shopping List

Walgreens prescription savings club

Hold up. What’s this at Walgreens, now? A prescription savings club? I’ve never heard of a pharmacy having something for people WITH insurance to save even more money on prescriptions. It’s kind of shocking when I go to pick up my prescriptions at the drugstore, and I hear what I have to pay, and I always ask “you did put that through my insurance, right?”

I think the pharmacist is tired of me asking this each time. Honestly, though, what’s the point of having insurance if I’m paying for almost the entire damn prescription? Plus paying my insurance premiums each month. HELLO? We’re a one income family, let’s get serious here. So let’s just say, we’re putting “look into the RX savings plan on the list to check out while we’re there.

Walgreens Flyer

Our trips never start without having our breakfast of champions! Let’s get a move on, out of the PJs and off to the stores we go.

Getting ready for Walgreens

Now with the proper fuel to get our shopping on, let’s hit the road and get to Walgreens already! It’s Saturday, it’s beautiful, and we’re ready to start the day. And lookie here, right at the entrance to the store, Little Miss spots the sign for that #rxsavingsclub I had mentioned earlier. Sweet.

walgreens savings

Walgreens shopping

We have a list for Walgreens, so we’ve got some shopping to do before checking out the prescription savings club, however, no face wash for me anywhere on the shelves. BUMMER. However,  we found natural lip balm for the kids. We’ll take it. Another downer on the sunblock – nothing good on the shelves, at least nothing without a ton of chemicals in it. BOO. At least the kids found a way to entertain themselves – cup stacking, the new Olympic sport!

Moving on, notebook time! Little Miss loves orange, and The Boy chose black…….because as we all know, if you buy for one kid, you have to buy for the other one, too. Or all hell breaks loose. Last thing on the shopping list? Memory card for the camera for our family vacation. On sale, huge discount – LOVE IT. Thanks Walgreens. And now, last but not least, let’s find out more about this amazing savings program the pharmacy has!

Walgreens Shopping Trip

Prescription Club

Looks like this Prescription Club is a big deal, they had a balloon out for it and everything………..a tad deflated, and looking like it did a lot of overtime for the prescription club!

Walgreens Pharmacy

Apparently, this prescription savings club offers individuals ($20) or families ($35) the opportunity to save on medications. Amazingly, you can be insured with this program, unlike other savings plans for prescriptions!

  • It’s got thousands of brand-name and all generic medications in their list of discounts.
  • If you need immunizations, you can save anywhere from 5% to 20% on those.
  • You can save 10% on purchases of Walgreens Brand, W Brand, Nice! products and in-store photofinishing services.
  • If you need the Take Care Clinics services, you can save 10% on those, too.

And what is this? Pet meds are covered, too? They’ve got a few rules though on this, you can save on their meds, as long as their is a human equivalent. Every little bit counts for us, you know what I mean? Very cool.

Variety of savings club memberships

I love that you can get an individual membership, but if you decide you need it for the whole family, you can always upgrade to the family option. Just pay the $15 to move up to the family plan. It’s good for one year, and a good tip is to wait until you have to get your first prescription. Why? Because the yearly membership starts the day you sign up, so to get the most out of your savings, sign up when you have a prescription to fill, instead of signing up and waiting to have a prescription to fill. If you do sign up, and decide it’s not for you, you an cancel within 30 days for a refund. Very cool. There’s really nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

I signed up.

  • It took about four minutes.
  • The pharmacists asks your name and address, then asks for payment.
  • The little papers print out, you’re told the permanent card will arrive in about two weeks.

Could not be any easier! Only downer for today? Until you get the actual card, you don’t get your 10% discount on Walgreens brands. So that kind of stunk, since we were getting that memory card for the camera, it would have saved me an extra 10% off the sale price. Totally bummed by that. But hey, we got lots of goodies today at Walgreens! Total score, despite the downer.

Summer, oh Summer…….thanks to Walgreens we’re ready for you. So bring it.

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  1. Amy June 24, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    Bummer about waiting for the card, but when I signed up they told me I could enter my receipt online and I’d still get the savings! (Which actually reminds me, I totally need to enter my receipt from last weekend!
    Hope you guys save a ton. (And I love the orange toenails! So cute!)

    • November Sunflower June 25, 2012 at 11:23 am

      I was not informed about that at all…..hmmm. I’ll have to find out more. Thanks!
      And yes, Orange his her absolute favorite color.

  2. Brandi June 25, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Okay, first of all, how adorable are your children! Oh my goodness!! You know, I never really thought about how much the savings would add up with the plan once you factor in all of the other things that you can save on! Happy Summer Savings!

    • November Sunflower June 25, 2012 at 12:01 pm

      I know. Anything walgreens brand means you get a discount. It’s like a personal sale all year long. Totally worth the price of membership, you’ll make it back in no time. And thank you, they love being the stars of the blog, FOR NOW.

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