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#walmartIt’s been a very long time since I’ve purchased any kind of cleaner for my home. I’ve been making my own cleaners from vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, and organic soap. However, time keeps getting the better of me, and it would be SUPER AWESOME to not have to make them myself, yet still have safe cleaners in my home. No chemicals, no toxins and not petroleum-based. Well, now Walmart Great Value Naturals for the home is saving me time, and I couldn’t be happier!

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Walmart Great Value Naturals

There’s four different products <so far> in the Walmart Great Value Naturals line of products.

  • Liquid laundry detergent ($8.97 for 100 fluid ounces, which cleans about 64 loads of laundry)
  • Multi-surface cleaner ($2.47 for 32 fluid ounces)
  • Glass and window cleaner ($1.98 for 32 fluid ounces)
  • Automatic dishwasher gel ($3.97 for 75 fluid ounces)

Every last one of them works famously, and they are all inexpensive. Truly, each one is a great value. Now, if you’re use to buying products that aren’t “natural,” and they are your standard cleaners that have toxins, or chemicals – these prices won’t register as a great deal for you. However, if your someone who cleans with natural products in your home, you’ll understand how amazing the prices are for all of these products! #WMTGreen #walmart #naturalcleaners

Do the Great Value Naturals products really clean

I’m a skeptic at heart. When I started making my own cleaners based off of recipes I found online, I honestly thought they’d never work. Really, baking soda and vinegar? Come on. Using tea tree oil couldn’t be as powerful as a smelly, toxic chemical to get rid of germs. I was totally wrong. You’d think I’d be more open-minded when it came to finding a store brand that was natural, right? I wasn’t. I figured the stuff wouldn’t work, and it would cost me time, money and energy. Luckily, thanks to The Motherhood and Walmart, I was able to score the products at no cost so I could test them out.

Any time I try a new line of products, the windows and mirrors are the first things I test out. I shot that Great Value Naturals glass and window cleaner all over my huge bathroom mirror, wiped it with the paper towels I always use, and spent ten minutes looking from every angle to see if there were streaks. There wasn’t one streak. I was impressed, but it didn’t mean all the products would work this well. I moved onto the multi-surface cleaner.

When I think of a multi-surface cleaner, I think it will be able to clean anything I put it on and not damage it. I don’t have granite, just regular cheap counter tops, and cheap bathroom counters. Nothing spectacular, as we’ve been putting our money into other areas of the house to improve it. Both surfaces are kind of a pain to clean with my homemade cleaners, because there’s this residue that stays behind with the baking soda on my bathroom counters. Drives me nuts getting it off with multiple swipes of the sponge.

Great Value Naturals multi-surface cleaner left me with no residue. Inside of the sink, I had to leave it on a little longer to cut through the kids’ toothpaste leftovers…..and when I scrubbed it clean, I had to put a little extra muscle into it, but when all was said and done – looked fantastic. No residue. No toxic smell. I was super happy, so I went multi-surface clean crazy – I hit the toilet, the bathtub, the kitchen counters, and the kitchen sink. Left it on to soak a little bit, and then wiped it all clean. Bathtub took a little extra muscle, but it worked well on every surface.

The dishwashing gel in my dishwasher is fantastic. I hadn’t been able to find a natural product prior to this, and every time I ran that stupid machine I’d then rinse everything off after it was done. I just felt this film on everything, and that film was filled with chemicals from the dishwashing gel I was using. After I used Great Value Naturals in the dishwasher, there wasn’t any film left on the dishes. They came out clean, and I put them right into the cabinets. No rinsing necessary. I might have kissed the bottle, or might not have – there’s no picture to prove any of it.

I’ve got two kids, one is a boy who is just messy. He gets everything caked onto his clothing – dirt, paint, crayon, marker and every kind of food imaginable. My daughter…..she’s more dynamic with her stains. I won’t even go to that place, just know she’s no better than the boy. I’ve got to use stain busters, and that kind of annoys me since I was using a detergent free of scents and dyes. However, it still wasn’t as natural as I’d have liked. However, none of the natural stuff out there was working on my kids’ clothing. Stains weren’t going away, I’d have to wash things more than once to get the smell out…..and clothing was becoming faded.

I’ve done one load with the new Great Value Naturals and using the recommended amount for the load of laundry I did, the clothes came out clean. Obviously, marker didn’t come out, I had to do a few magic tricks with that to get it out, but the dirt and the odors…..PERFECTION. No fragrance to make my nose burn. I get a lot of clothing from friends, and family, for the kids. I always know when they have brought them, because I can smell the fragrance wafting from the closed bags…..my eyes burn, my nose burns and I have to throw them all in the laundry three to four times to get that fragrance off of them. Great Value Naturals helped get that done in two washings, instead of four. SCORE!

What makes the cleaners work without chemicals and toxins

Great Value Naturals are made from plant-based, all-natural Evolve® cleaning technology. The technology has been tested in labs, and it’s the only one to achieve results at the levels everyone has come to expect from the petroleum-based cleaners, detergents, degreasers and solvents on the market today. It just isn’t petroleum-based, it’s plant-based. It’s getting homes clean in a natural, healthy way!

The Great Value Naturals line is available only at specific Walmart stores, and the product line is going to keep expanding to all Walmart stores. Feedback from customers has already set Walmart in motion to increase the types of products in the new line. They’re looking into creating products like hand dish soap for those that wash dishes in the sink. The bathroom will hopefully see a toilet bowl cleaner, plus shower cleaners (for that tile and grout.)

Personally, having the products in recyclable containers is a huge positive, and the fact that the company is looking to move their operations from Canada to the United States is a huge plus in my book. I love our neighbors to the north, but there’s nothing like knowing I was buying products made in the United States of America. Once they do that, these products will be my favorite product in my home.

If you aren’t able to find the Great Value Naturals line at your local Walmart, you can order them online! Just visit Walmart.com and search for Great Value Natural. ENJOY!

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  1. Bonnie January 23, 2014 at 2:25 am

    Hi Staci – After a couple of disastrous attempts at homemade countertop cleaners, I purchased and used the Great Value Natural Multi-Surface cleaner today. Love the results! Here’s my question – does the product contain any wheat/gluten? I cannot find this answer on line after looking for about 30 minutes. (That’s how I came across your review.) I love that the cleaner is “plant-based” but my 4 yo DD has Celiac Disease, obviously, this raises a huge concern. One I had not thought of until AFTER I sprayed down every surface in my kitchen! Yikes!!! Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

    • November Sunflower January 23, 2014 at 7:49 am

      Hi Bonnie. I’m glad you loved the product, and results. However, I don’t work for the brand. You would need to contact them directly to have an ingredient question answered. They have not put their full list of ingredients out there on the products because it is all proprietary – but I’m sure if you call them, or reach out to them in some way, they will be able to answer that question for you!

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