Do you want to save your budget?

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When you read that title, “Do you want to save your budget?” did you sing it to “Do you want to build a snowman?” After shopping on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, I’m sure Frozen was a huge part of your purchases if you’ve got some Disney-loving kids in your life! When I was writing this, I kind of sang it while I wrote it, and all of a sudden my son started singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” super loud. All I could do was laugh, and stop writing for a minute so I could watch him.

Now I’m back, and ready to share how you can save your budget when you’re shopping online! First of all, we all know I love a good cash rebate site. It’s the first place I go to see if I can score a great cash rebate, as well as awesome coupons that work with the cash rebate site. It’s just a math game, right?

Do you want to save your budget?

Last night I was looking to get a few items from OldNavy.com. My first stop? My favorite cash rebate site, to check out what the cash rebate was, along with some of the coupons they had listed that would work with the cash back. It just so happens the cash back percentage was 3%, and no actual coupons were available. Kind of a bummer, even though there was a huge sale happening on the website for Black Friday! I knew there had to be some kind of coupon code out there, so I started my search for a great coupon code.

Where does a shopper go to find great coupon codes, that won’t work with the cash rebate site? Frugaa.com is the first place I head. It’s an easy site to navigate, as it has a stores tab, as well as categories. If that doesn’t work for you, just put something in the search box! I headed to Old Navy on the site, and got to hunting for a great coupon code. It didn’t happen. They were all expired. Kind of a bummer, and I wish the site would clear out the codes that are all expired, but all the coupon code sites do this.

HOWEVER, if the codes had been good, I could have gotten a much better deal with the coupon codes, rather than using my cash rebates site. I could have snagged a much higher discount coupon code, than what my cash rebate percentage is at the cash rebate site. The code from Frugaa would cancel out the cash rebate discount, however I would still go through the cash rebate site, and use the code from Frugaa.com’s site. You never know when a code will work, or not. ALWAYS start at the cash rebate site, even if you use an outside coupon code from a coupon code site like Frugaa.com. Just remember, the code from Frugaa.com will more than likely cancel out the cash back from your cash rebate site, BUT sometimes it might not. Play your odds!

Play the odds to save your budget

When you plan your budget, you want to make your money stretch as far as it possibly can. You have to play the math game! It might take a little extra time, but it’s worth it in the end. Know what you want to purchase, hunt for it online at your favorite stores through your cash rebate sites. Once you find them, go and take the extra time to hunt on Frugaa! It’ll pay off if you can score a better deal using their codes, and you just never know, the coupon code MIGHT not cancel out the cash rebate percentage. Technology sometimes works in your favor, and sometimes it doesn’t. Play the odds, right?

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