Six ways to exercise without realizing it

When it comes to health and fitness, a regular exercise routine is a central component to healthy living. Even if you’re not a fan of exercise, there’s ways you can exercise without realizing it. Why is this important? Regular exercise keeps your body in optimal shape. When it’s in optimal shape:

  • you have more energy
  • can manage your weight
  • reduces stress
  • can help reduce chances of disease, as well as ailments associated with a more sedentary lifestyle

6 ways to exercise without realizing it

6 ways you can exercise without realizing it

Fortunately, you do not need a gym membership to burn the calories away. Here are some of the top ways you can exercise without realizing it.

Walking your dog

One of the easiest ways to drop the pounds and stay in shape is to take your dog for a walk. Walking a dog everyday helps to strengthen many parts of your body including your arms, legs and core. This is because walking is a basic and but high impact activity that gets your entire body moving. You can take a brisk, high intense walk with your dog or you could take a lengthier slow-paced stroll. Either way, walking will be great for not only your own health, but your dog’s health as well.


Gardening—growing flowers, fruits, vegetables or herbs—is a great way to keep your body in top form through exercise without knowing it. This is because daily activities in the garden such as taking wide steps over delicate plants, raking, reaching to water plants, tending to plants at various heights, or bending up and down are excellent ways to exercise many parts of your body. What’s more is that gardening has been proven to improve your mood and make you feel better. You will also benefit from getting fresh air that improves your lung health and plenty of direct sunlight for a natural source of vitamin D.

Cleaning your home

Why not break out your broom to help you break out into a good sweat? Cleaning up your home is another way that you exercise without realizing it. Various cleaning activities like sweeping, mopping, wiping, and vacuuming will work your arms, legs, back and core, to name a few. These are all excellent activities that not only help you keep your home tidy but that also help you burn calories to feel better in an instant.

Playing with children

Playing with children is another great way to exercise without even realizing it. From running around in the yard, to lifting children in the air, to carrying them on your back—children are full of energy and they will make sure you move around just as much as they do! You’ll have an opportunity to assist your children have fun will also getting in some great exercise in at the same time!

Grocery shopping

Furthermore, grocery shopping also amounts to great physical activity for your body. This is because you are using both your arms and legs as you stroll the supermarket aisle. For instance, when you push a heavy shopping cart full of items you are working your forearms and strengthening your legs as you walk. Another great grocery shopping tip is to park further away from a store’s entrance so that you can burn even more calories as you exercise without realizing it.

Commute to Work

Lastly, forgo your usual drive to work and opt to either walk or bike there instead. Changing the way you commute is a great way to get your body moving and what’s more is that you can even help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint!

All in all, you do not have to rely on intense workouts to get into the best shape possible. Try any of these simple ideas that will help you exercise while doing things that you already enjoy.

About the WriterGwen Lewis is a writer, and makeup artist, based in Southern California. Because of her passion for beauty and health, she hopes to help others not just look great, but feel great, whether through makeup, or her writing. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, and pick-up soccer games with her friends. Check her out on Twitter at @GwenEveLewis.

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