533 Children……could you even imagine that? Delivery Man explores the possibilities.

Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man

I have a hard enough time raising two kids. Now, Vince Vaughn’s character isn’t “raising” 533 kids, but he’s their biological Daddy. Blows your mind, doesn’t it? FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE kids directly linked back to your little swimmers……I’m just glad I wasn’t the chick carrying all those kids!

Delivery Man - Vince Vaughn

Honestly, having two kids is an undertaking, but it’s one that I relish MOST DAYS. I have my bad days, just like every other parent out there. Some of those days are stacked in a row, and then some are spread out over a few months. It all depends on so many factors, one of them being if I am taking care of myself, so my stress level isn’t high! Even on my worst days as a mother, the days I just break down and cry because I did not one thing right for my kids all day…….I go into their rooms after they’ve fallen asleep, and I just watch them. I say “thank you for allowing me to make mistakes, and still loving me every morning when you wake up to start a new day stuck with me as your mom.”

I’m so thankful to have both of my children, because I was told for years that it would take medical intervention to be able to conceive. I figured I wasn’t meant to have kids, if it was going to require lots of procedures, and tons of money, to be able to get pregnant. I went about life figuring motherhood just wasn’t in the cards for me, and fatherhood wouldn’t be in the cards for anyone who decided to spend his life with me.

When I met my husband, I told him what the deal was: not really one to get married, so it wasn’t a goal of mine, so don’t worry about me giving you a “timeframe” for that nonsense; and the kid thing might never happen. Crazy son of a gun, he actually stayed. Go figure.

Knowing him better all these years later, I just think he didn’t believe anything doctors said. He figured they were totally wrong, and turned out he was right. We didn’t need any medical intervention to get pregnant. I was so caught off guard, I didn’t even realize it until I was almost 3 months along. He said he knew, but he didn’t want to say anything……I finally figured it out, after a friend was like “idiot, you’re probably pregnant if you have all these symptoms and you’re not able to close your pants. Get a test.”

It just so happens, I wasn’t feeling well, and went to the drug store to get cold medicine. Remembering what my friend had said, I also got a pregnancy test. I figured if she’s right, I better do this before I go and drink any kind of cold medicine. As soon as I peed on that stick, I was so pregnant, it had lines IMMEDIATELY. I figured I did it wrong. So I tried again, same thing happened. The rest, as they say, is history……

We never needed fertility treatments, or a sperm donor, but I could only imagine if some nut showed up in my daughter’s life 20 years later telling her “hey, I’m your Dad. I’d like to help make you a better person!” I’d have flipped the hell out, and I’m sure she would, too!

Vince Vaughn is hysterical. Chris Pratt is pure comedy, and in this movie, it looks like a whole lot of my favorite “dry humor” coming from Mr. Pratt. I’m excited for this one, especially since it’s coming out in my favorite month of the year! That’s right, November. November 22nd to be exact.

To whet your appetite check out the first ever look at the trailer for Delivery Man right here!

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