Review of Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman by Thomas Fitzsimmons

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I liked Thomas Fitzsimmons first book Confessions of a Catholic Cop so much, I figured why not try another book authored by Fitzsimmons: Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman. Another pleasant surprise. Again, Fitzsimmons kept me highly entertained without having to think too much about what I was reading. My favorite kind of reading after a long day with two kids.

Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman

What to expect from Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman

We find out what becomes of Michael Beckett, his lady friend Solona, as well as he female partner, Destiny, in Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman. After the death of his partner,Vinnie, Beckett ended up with a female partner, Destiny. Destiny became his best friend. Her lowlife husband gambles their money away.

Beckett’s sister has passed away from an overdose. Her overdose led Beckett to do some digging. A result of his digging too far? Being framed. Even after being cleared, he’s stuck in the worst post for any cop. His acting days are over. Unfortunately, he’s low on cash.

A group of cops called “rockers” as him to join them. He figures, why not? After one outing with the crazy team of former cops, he decides it’s not for him. The team, not rocking in general. Meanwhile, somebody comes knocking on his door to do some investigation. Of course, he agrees. Whilst investigating, he meets an old friend, and the story gets entertaining from there. You have to read it to get into it.

Title’s misleading

Even though the book is titled Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman, it doesn’t get to the suicidal policewoman until way into the book. She’s a great cop, something happens to her she can’t control and she feels the only way out is death. Beckett is dragged into it. Once he does, things move rather quickly.

Honestly, at the end of the book I’m wondering if the title should have been different. It’s misleading. Regardless of the title, it’s super fun read. Again, he isn’t winning any kind of a outstanding achievement in writing award for great literature. However, it’s a great way to end your day, or sneak a few chapters in during a lunch break.

His relationship with Destiny is fully realized. Their relationship isn’t. I’m still waiting for the “heat” in a book, just have to keep reading more of his books, I guess! I’d totally buy another one of his books.


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About the BOOK AUTHOR: Thomas Fitzsimmons worked as a New York City Police officer for ten years. He was an officer at the precinct dramatized in Fort Apache, the Bronx. Before that, he was a Navy man and now he works in security for A-listers in Hollywood.

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