Celebrating August with 31 days of photos – Day 10

It’s not a normal site, us in the kitchen…..and even stranger is Little Miss helping peel carrots. Well, that’s not as strange as WHO she was peeling the carrots for! Little Miss was peeling these carrots for….WAIT FOR IT…..Mommy! Yup, that’s right. Mommy’s actually cooking. It’s Turkey Chili time at our house, and in this chili we use carrots! We’re celebrating August with 31 days of photos with a little prep cook work!

Look at her, she’s a pro!

I have no clue where she gets it from…….perhaps my father’s having some kind of influence on her? Doesn’t matter, I’m just thankful for the help! It’s a double batch in the crockpot kind of day!

#31daysofphotos - peeling carrots

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