Celebrating August with 31 days of photos – Day 21

It’s just sad. It’s just plain sad how we’re celebrating August with 31 days of photos on this 21st day of August. It’s just going to show you how I keep shit, and I don’t even realize what it is, or that it’s even in my office space. Saddest part? It must have been packed in a box at some point, because this thing is from BEFORE I had my son, and before we moved from our condo to our house in 2009.

#31daysofphotos #weddingfavor

Actually, the saddest part might be that this thing is an EDIBLE #weddingfavor from a friend’s wedding that happened in January of 2008. It was found while cleaning up some of my office space, to try and make it more organized, and to give me more room in this small space…………

It’s now in the trash. Thankfully I stopped The Boy from eating it before he would get food poisoning from this thing. UGH.

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