Celebrating August with 31 days of photos – Day 26

My home office desk chair. Yes, I’d like to show you where I sit each day, as I write my heart out, and share my writing with the world. I’m celebrating August with 31 days of photos, and on this particular day, it’s all about where my ass sits for a good chunk of my day. Every day. Even on the weekends! When you own your own business, and want to make it successful, it’s a lot of work, and apparently this chair wasn’t up to the task!

It’s only two and a half years old, and yet, it looks like this……..

#31daysofphotos #staplesofficechairNot impressed with the desk chair from #staples – not at all impressed! My husband got this for me in December of 2011……how sad is this thing? Seriously. See the black on the floor? That’s from the chair. I have to clean it up every day. And the stuff sticks to my legs, and ends up all over the house.


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