Celebrating August with 31 days of photos – Day 31

It’s the final day of August. Tomorrow we begin September, then comes Labor Day, and next week the kids are back at school. CRAZY how this August flew by. Today we’re celebrating August with 31 days of photos and it’s a little out of the ordinary up in this house today!

Kids helping mommy in the kitchen. Go figure. Tacos on Saturday, instead of on that ever popular Taco Tuesday. AND, a broken Stella & Dot bracelet. Not the best ending to the month of August, but hey, what can you do?!

#31daysofphotos #stellaanddot

It’s been so much fun taking photos all through August for #31daysofphotos – and I’m going to attempt to make my Wednesdays for the rest of the year just a photo. Sort of running with the “Wordless Wednesdays” a lot of my fellow bloggers have taken to doing. I may change it up, do it on a different day, but for now, consider Wednesdays around here dedicated to “the photo.”

Thanks for hanging with me the whole month of August, and enjoy your Labor Day!

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