Day off for my birthday

I’m not one to take a whole lot of time off. Yes, I don’t post on the weekends, but my weekends are filled with writing, kids, and activities. There’s not a whole lot of down time for me in my life, and most days I rather enjoy being active. As my husband has said many times “Even if we won the lottery, you’d never be able to just NOT WORK.” He’s right. It’s just what I’m made of. I’ve learned to juggle it better over the years. I stay present in my moments with my kids, and my family. I leave the work for “work time.” However, today, I’m taking the day off for my birthday.

day off for my birthday

What’s it mean to take the day off for my birthday

I’m not quite sure what it means for me to take the day off for my birthday. Last year I ended up spending time with my kids, and husband, but then got violently ill for the first time in years. It was not enjoyable, but it passed quickly. I told myself last year that for 2014, I’d take the whole day off and do absolutely nothing work-related. Just take the kids to school, come home, and spend the day doing nothing important.

Now I’ve written this post before my actual birthday on April 8th. Don’t be alarmed, I’m following through on taking the day off for my birthday, I promise. However, I do have auto sharing on, so it’ll pop up on my social media. Rest easy, I’m still taking my day off for my birthday!

Enjoy your April 8th. I sure plan on it, and perhaps not get sick this year!


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