Haven’t lost a tooth yet, but loved A (Tooth) Fairy Tale

Important sponsorship information to know: *My tickets to this Vital Theatre performance were provided at no cost to me. All opinions are my own.


A Tooth Fairy Tale

Between the two kids, neither has lost a tooth yet. I’m not even sure when kids should lose teeth. I suppose as they get into age 6? Or maybe it depends on when they got their first teeth way back in that first year of life? Who knows. It doesn’t really matter. All kids lose them eventually, I suppose……

It also didn’t take away from my kids completely loving Vital Theatre Company’s production of A (Tooth) Fairy Tale. Both Little Miss, and The Boy, completely enjoyed this musical about a Tooth Fairy who wants more out of life than collecting teeth…..and a little boy, Sammy, who wants to stop following rules, and do things his way. I even enjoyed it! It’s got some zingers in there for the adults, which go right over the kids’ heads, but get the adults laughing a little bit.

Honestly, most of the time when we go to see these shows for the kids, I find myself watching the kids as they watch the show. It’s so much fun to watch their reactions, expressions, and at times, their concentration on what’s going on. My kids didn’t disappoint me with this show. Each time the cast came through the audience, they were so involved in what was happening on the stage, I had to nudge them to point out someone was coming through the audience. The joy when they realized it, SO DANG CUTE.

Our trip to see A (Tooth) Fairy Tale started with a very packed train to NYC. Why so packed? Well, it was the same day as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade down 5th Avenue. Whoops. I would have loved the production company to have adjusted their “opening day” for the show, but it happens when it happens, and we weren’t going to be held back because of a lot of drunks on the train. Once we arrived, we headed to the theatre. It’s at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre. It’s not super easy to find, since there’s a ton of construction happening in that particular section on Broadway. It took us a few minutes to see the little sign, with balloons. However, if you attend the show, I’m not sure balloons will be present!

A Tooth Fairy Tale

The place is tiny. It’s not just a small stage, but it’s tiny from the moment you walk into the building. As told, it did have a “red carpet” set up. A photographer was there taking cute shots of the kids as all of us made it along the red carpet. SUPER CUTE. The kids loved it. Little Miss was told to “give a little attitude,” and boy, she totally worked it. WORKED IT. We got our complimentary tickets, two cute little gift bag/string sacks for the kids, and headed towards the stairs. The actual theatre is on the 4th floor. You either walk the stairs, or take the elevator. Elevator doesn’t go to the 4th floor, though. We chose the stairs, it was faster, and it’s good to exercise before a show!

Once you’re on the 4th floor, the lobby to the theatre houses a cute little “buy some snacks and tooth fairy souvenirs.” Bathrooms are down the hall, theatre door is right there before the steps to the snacks/souvenirs. Super small, and cramped, but cute. The theatre is very small. It’s good, because there’s no bad seats. No matter where you end up sitting, it will be a great show. If you want your kids to really get a thrill, you’ll want to ask for aisle seats. Got two kids? Get aisle seats in two different rows. One kid can sit with you, the other with the husband, and sit behind each other. The kids can be on the aisle, and when the Tooth Fairy, or other characters run through the aisle, they sometimes chat with the kids. SUPER CUTE.

Listen, would I head to the city just to see the show………with this one, I kind of would. I’d make a day out of it, though. It’s totally worth the $25 for the tickets, I’d even say $30 for Premium seating is worth it for this show. What I love about the Vital Theatre Company, and Sun Productions, is their attention to detail when it comes to kids’ schedules! The shows started the day we went on March 16th, and will run until April 28th. All the shows happen on Saturday and Sundays at 11am and 1pm. HOWEVER, they added a set of performances while MOST kids are out of school for Spring Break. March 25th through March 28th, and April 1st, 2nd and 10th, you can bring the kids to see the show at 11am or 1pm.

If you’re heading to the show, as I said, make a day of it. Take the train into the city, enjoy the early show, and spend the day over at Central Park, or head to a museum. If you’ve got little girls, do the show, and then head over to American Girl over near Rockefeller Center. There’s so much to do in NYC, you’ll have a great day  no matter what you decide to do all day. Just add the show into the mix, and you’ll be a total hero to your kids.

I recommend getting your reservations in soon, because the size of the place is so small, that place books up super fast. The quality of the show is completely worth the money you pay. It’s an hour of quality entertainment, for a super low cost. Kids can handle an hour, right? It’s totally perfect. Vital knows what they’re doing when it comes to entertaining kids!


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